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Traditional naturopathy is an alternative medicine practice based on the theory that disease and dysfunction within the body can be successfully treated or prevented by focusing on creating balance within the body through diet, exercise, bodywork, and other drugless modalities.  Naturopathy is branded as an alternative medicine practice because it follows the ideology that the body is self-healing and uses a variety of noninvasive testing methods to determine the areas in the body that may need support.

Traditional naturopathic services may include, but are not limited to the following:

RBTI: Reams theory of bionic ionization is a series of 6 tests done on a fresh urine sample and 1 test done on a saliva sample. The 6 tests done on the urine sample are: total carbohydrate, lower pH, conductivity, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen, and 1 test is done on saliva to determine upper pH. The test is done in the office and takes 20- 30 minutes. RBTI is useful in determining the proper diet, supplements and exercise each individual needs. There is no one size fits all solution, and RBTI gives us information to make accurate assessments on an individual basis.

MRT: Muscle testing is a measure of energy. We all have muscle test points all over our bodies, and by testing the energy in specific areas, we can read the body and determine areas that may need supplemental support or make a recommendation for a dietary change to better support the areas in need. Areas in the body that are in need of support will exhibit signs of weakness when tested. Foods, chemicals, toxins and other outside sources may also affect the strength of the energy in the body. For example, holding a cell phone will create overall weakness when tested because it directly interferes with the bodies natural energy flow.

Physical observations: The face, tongue, and nails will act as a map to the body. Paying attention to issues in these areas may lead to a better understanding of what is going on inside the body. When lines show up on our face, or grooves develop in our tongue or nails, it is our bodies way of telling up that a certain part of our body needs help.

Bach Flowers: Bach Flowers is the ancient belief that flowers hold frequency. By capturing that frequency by soaking the flowers and extracting the essence of the flower, and taking that essence as a tincture, we are able to correct imbalances in our own frequency that may be causing emotional imbalances.

At Motus Integrative Health we take the time to do an extensive health history with each individual before making any assessments or recommendations. We spend an hour, or sometimes longer with new patients to get to know them. Each individual is different and is treated on a unique individual basis.

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