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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Relief

We use our legs every day. With that in mind, an injury to your knee can be as inconvenient as it is painful. Restoring function to your knee while reducing the pain — whether it is chronic or acute — should always be a top priority. At Motus Integrative Health, we offer a range of different treatment options for your knee pain. And while we’re able to reduce your pain effectively, we understand that the best pain relief possible comes through total recovery. This, then, is our ultimate goal whenever we treat a patient: hands-on support and treatment to facilitate a full and natural recovery over time. That way, no matter what caused your knee pain, we can find the best possible treatment to get you up and moving once more!

Why Does Your Knee Hurt?

There are several common causes of knee pain, all of which an experienced chiropractor is happy to assist you with. Here are a few:

  • Torn ACL – The ACL is a ligament which connects your shin to your thigh bone via the knee. As one of the most common sports injuries, an ACL can tear when it experiences sudden or sustained movement. Movement like this is particularly common for athletes who play soccer or football, and can occur when pivoting on the field. 
  • Meniscus Tears – Your menisci are bands of cartilage which absorb the daily impact that travels up your shins whenever you use your legs. Both the lateral and medial menisci can tear when you twist your knee, or from long-term overuse. This injury often results in a lengthy healing period, as well as pain and swelling in the knee.
  • Tendinitis – Tendons attach your muscles to your bones, and the knee has several which can become inflamed and painful from overuse or overextension. In particular, patellar tendonitis can impact a tendon which connects your thigh to your shin bone.
  • Arthritis – Swelling and inflammation in the knee’s central joint can result in constant, chronic pain whenever you walk or run. There are several therapeutic options for treating arthritis-related pain, wherever it shows up.

Your knees are an intricate part of the body, requiring nearly constant use and experiencing significant wear and tear, particularly when you play sports. While knees are built to withstand regular movement, knee pain can be utterly debilitating if left unchecked. Luckily, our chiropractic offices are fully equipped to handle all sorts of knee pain.

Comprehensive Knee Pain Treatments

At Motus Integrative Health (locations in Schererville and Crown Point) we offer all of the following treatments for chronic and debilitating knee pain:

To see if any of these treatments work for you, get in touch with the team at Motus Integrative Health!

Talk with the Motus Team

If your knee pain has become too painful to bear — or you are afraid it will — reach out to the experienced team at Motus Integrative Health! We are happy to discuss our many treatments and let you know which would be the best for your situation. You can schedule an initial appointment by calling us at our Schererville or Crown Point office or by filling out our online contact form. Don’t let knee pain slow you down — call us today!

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