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Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic Manipulation

The musculoskeletal system consists of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and cartilage, which protect our organs and allow us to move. When pain or dysfunction sets in, it creates significant problems that can impact everyday life. One of the most effective treatments is chiropractic manipulation, a natural solution to chronic pain. Chiropractic manipulation utilizes hands-on techniques to restore mobility and eliminate pain. 

What is Chiropractic Manipulation?

Chiropractic manipulation involves applying pressure to one’s spine, joints, and other areas to reduce pain and related symptoms. It’s a hands-on therapy that applies pressure to painful areas to restore health. The goal of chiropractic manipulation is to reduce bodily pain, increase mobility, and resolve inflammation. It addresses many common wellness concerns and can be used to target the core cause of pain. 

There are several techniques, including: 

  • Activator Technique
  • Thompson Technique
  • Diversified Technique

Chiropractic manipulation works well alongside other treatments, such as physical therapy, massage and other techniques. If our team believes you would benefit from one of our other therapies, we’ll discuss it with you during your consultation to build a custom treatment plan. 

Enjoy Full-Body Health Benefits

Chiropractic has numerous health benefits, spanning physical and mental well-being. Whether you suffer regular migraines, lower back pain, sciatica or anxiety, chiropractic manipulation is an excellent solution. A few of the benefits include:  

  • Chronic Pain Management. Chronic pain affects everyone differently, so finding what works for you is key. Chiropractic techniques are applied differently depending on the location and severity of symptoms. 
  • Stress Reduction. Chiropractic manipulation has proven benefits for those with stress and anxiety, which supports lower blood pressure. Stress is known to increase the risk of high blood pressure, causing various ailments and increasing the risk of certain chronic conditions. 
  • Increased Mobility. Improved flexibility, less stiffness and overall improved physical function are reported. Some individuals may choose to receive chiropractic manipulation as a precaution, such as athletes, as they push their bodies to the limits. Adjustments can help support an active lifestyle by reducing the risk of injury and increasing mobility. 

Bodily pain of all kinds can make your daily life difficult. Back pain, migraines, tendonitis and neck stiffness are just a few of the most common problems our chiropractors treat. From adults with arthritis to children with insomnia and general aches, chiropractic is a gentle, effective way to relieve your worst symptoms. 

While many common pain treatments are designed to reduce symptoms, chiropractic manipulation focuses on the root cause of your health problems. Chiropractic supports your body’s natural healing capabilities rather than masking the pain with medications alone. As a result,  you’ll enjoy better health for years to come. 

Try Chiropractic Manipulation At Our Office

Starting a wellness journey can be intimidating, so know that we make finding a pathway to better health easy. Our team at Motus Integrative Health is prepared to help you from beginning to end. Chiropractic manipulation offers full-body pain relief, so we encourage you to learn more. Contact our chiropractic team to schedule an appointment. We’re proud to be your number one health advocate.

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