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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Are you familiar with Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)? If you are an athlete, you probably are and may not even realize what methods and procedures your trainer uses to keep the team in prime playing condition. DNS is based on the principles of Developmental Kinesiology, which is the study of movement and stability in infants and children up to age six. By observing babies and toddler movements, practitioners recognize basic movement and stability patterns that all humans share.

Think about how babies naturally know to hold their head up or crawl. Babies are not taught how to crawl – it is instinctive. Indeed, it is programmed in each of our central nervous systems and is a universal human trait. These traits are referred to as Global Motor Patterns. The Global Motor Patterns control the posture and stability of the spine, which is the pivotal center of the entire locomotor system. Sometimes, these patterns break down, and that is when DNS is used to restore proper function.

Who Uses DNS?

DNS has quickly become one of the top go-to therapies to use for sports rehabilitation and increased performance ability. It provides recovery from musculoskeletal overuse injuries, and it is a great tool to use for injury prevention. Many athletic trainers throughout the world use DNS to correct problems and enhance the performance of the professional athletes they oversee, notably:

  • Professional basketball players
  • Professional baseball players
  • World champion powerlifters
  • Olympians

At Motus Integrative Health in Schererville and Crown Point, we use DNS to help our patients with muscular, postural, and joint dysfunction. These dysfunctions occur when muscle groups have to compensate for weaker muscle groups, or when a muscle group is overused.

Does DNS Treat Pain Effectively?

DNS treats the origin of musculoskeletal system pain by identifying and then stimulating each of the dysfunctional components found by the practitioner. The precise stimulation regulates particular centers in the brain that affect the motor and sensory action in the nervous system as well as the joints, muscles and soft tissues. DNS practitioners also show patients how to breathe correctly. Synchronizing breathing and movement is very useful in spinal care because it stabilizes the spine and economically uses the muscles, preventing repetitive strain, overuse, and destruction to the disc material.

Let us show you how DNS can benefit you by reducing your pain and healing your injuries. The gentle stimulation combined with precise exercise will help you correct your movement. At Motus Integrative Health in Northwest Indiana, we are trained in DNS and can help you recover from your sports injuries today.

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