Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique that utilizes thin filiform needles to help reduce underlying myofascial trigger points within the muscle and connective tissue under the skin. These areas are very common sources of chronic pain and dysfunction due to the composition of multiple contraction knots within the tissue.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

The knotted up areas can result in an increase of inflammation and lead to a hypersensitive state of the affected nerves. Inserting the needles into these areas evokes a “twitch response” of the muscle, which is a spinal cord reflex to the tissue that breaks the pain cycle and promotes biomechanical changes, such as an inflammatory reaction. This response helps to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body and not just to the local area of treatment. As the inflammatory state decreases, so does the associated nerve irritation and pain.

Is Dry Needling the Same as Traditional Acupuncture?

Although there are similarities, dry needling is not the same as traditional acupuncture but can be very beneficial in aiding treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions throughout the body.  

If you have questions regarding dry needling or how it could help a specific condition, please contact Motus Integrative Health for further information.

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