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Relief from Edema/Swelling

Edema is a common condition caused by fluid becoming trapped in bodily tissues. Many people develop swelling in the lower legs as a result of various medical conditions and lifestyle factors. While many of us write off minor swelling as no big deal, edema can cause peripheral neuropathy over time, so treatment is essential to our well-being. Motus Integrative Health uses proven methods to naturally reduce swelling and edema. Learn more at a private consultation. 

Symptoms and Causes of Edema

Swelling in the legs and feet is a common complaint, particularly among office workers or individuals who are physically inactive. Physical activity helps to promote better circulation, so if you are sedentary, you are more prone to developing edema. This condition causes fluid buildup in tissues that often leads to changes in your skin’s appearance, stiffness, pain and other issues. More specifically, edema often affects the hands, feet and abdomen. In severe instances, trapped fluid may even cause permanent nerve damage, so it’s important not to ignore edema. 

When edema affects the feet and legs, it can cause significant swelling that makes it difficult to move. You may experience pain and stiffness in your ankles, knees and toes, and in some cases, it may restrict certain abilities. This condition may be a result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Certain medications, such as those used for blood pressure
  • Chronic diseases, including kidney disease or thyroid conditions
  • Too much sodium in the diet or poor nutrition
  • Physical inactivity 

Managing edema is key to minimizing symptoms and achieving better well-being. While there are a range of possible solutions available, we recommend trying natural treatments alongside a knowledgeable chiropractor. 

Solutions to Edema

Edema is often uncomfortable or painful, and you may be self-conscious about how it impacts your appearance, so you want to solve the problem as soon as possible. In addition to self-help measures, such as increasing exercise and elevating your feet, chiropractic can provide further relief. 

Our chiropractors use effective techniques to eliminate swelling and reduce the appearance and incidence of edema. Chiropractic adjustment has been proven effective in relieving many of the associated symptoms since the nervous system controls peripheral lymphatic function. Chiropractic care helps nerves communicate with each other, which supports proper lymphatic drainage. Other solutions include medical massage to increase circulation and release trapped fluids or nutrition counseling. Many individuals develop lower leg swelling due to consuming too much sodium, so learning to cut salt from your diet can lessen the pain. Our team takes a full-body approach to find a solution that works best for your needs. Edema often responds to individualized treatment. 

Talk to Our Team Today

Swelling is more than just an annoyance. Edema can cause permanent nerve damage and pain, so don’t wait to seek help. If you’ve been dealing with edema, know that you can find relief with the help of a chiropractor. Motus Integrative Health provides a host of ways to effectively manage your edema. Chiropractic makes it possible to achieve better well-being naturally, so call our office for an appointment with one of our compassionate team members.  

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