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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition for many people.  From localized pain in the neck to pain or tingling that radiates into the shoulder, arm or hand, there are a lot of conditions that may arise from the neck and cause severe pain of various types.

Many factors may cause or contribute to neck pain.  Causes may range from a mechanical issue such as poor posture at work or a slightly pinched nerve and range up to more significant issues like an infection or tumor.  Neck pain is most commonly mechanical in nature, often resulting from abnormal movement over time.

Various types of mechanical neck pain include:

  • disc problems (bulge, herniation, tear)
  • nerve problems (irritated, pinched, compressed)
  • joint problems (irritation, bone spurs, osteoarthritis)
  • muscle problems (spasms, repetitive overload, trigger points, myalgia)
  • those resulting from poor posture

Neck pain may also be caused by a sports injury, car accident, work accident or other trauma.  Typically, this pain is related to ligament sprains or tears, muscle strains or tears or possibly even disc herniations or ruptures.  Neck pain may also be associated with aging.  This type of pain is typically related to stenosis or arthritis of the joint or disc space.

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Our team at Motus Integrative Health is here to help you figure out what is causing your neck pain and what you can do about it.  Don’t let neck pain get you down.  Motus Integrative Health will get you back to enjoying life on your terms and empower you to be the best you can be for the rest of your life!

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