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Pediatric Chiropractors

In the last couple of decades, pediatric chiropractic care has grown in leaps and bounds. While standard forms of chiropractic care have been popular for some time, advances in the field — as well as many parents who saw the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand — have resulted in something of a renaissance for children’s chiropractic medicine. As the number of pediatric patients grows, so do the beneficial treatment options our field offers for younger patients. At Motus Integrative Health we offer a range of pediatric chiropractic options within our state-of-the-art facility.

What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Put simply, pediatric care is any chiropractic and holistic care that we offer to children. While youngsters are naturally resilient, they are also constantly growing. When a body grows, changes tend to happen rapidly and can cause aches and pains. At the same time, changes in the body’s chemical makeup can also cause extreme stress and anxiety. There are also external stressors that begin to occur for the first time: school sports, for example, can result in painful soreness and muscle strains. These “growing pains” are ordinary, and an experienced team of pediatric chiropractors can help remedy the stresses and strains a young body will inevitably experience while remaining aware of any long-term health issues as they develop.. We make sure your child’s body stays adjusted properly throughout the growing process so they are always ready to take on the day!

Is Pediatric Chiropractic Safe?

Yes! But don’t just take it from us: several high-profile scientific studies have found that pediatric chiropractic care has an extremely low chance of adversely affecting the patient. By definition, chiropractic care has the lowest percentage of malpractice claims in the entire medical field, and the same holds for pediatric adjustments and alternative healing methods.

When dealing with the experienced pediatric chiropractors at Motus Integrative Health, our talented team of doctors, nurses and massage therapists have performed many pediatric adjustments. We have the knowledge and field expertise to provide a healthier, happier future for you and your child.

What Pediatric Services Do We Offer?

At Motus, we offer a range of different pediatric services. These include:

  • Pediatric chiropractic service and adjustments
  • Chiropractic rehabilitation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pediatric physical rehabilitation – This is particularly helpful for treating sports injuries.
  • Infant developmental delays – Our team is experienced in identifying, diagnosing and helping to treat developmental delays in children.
  • Infant to Teen normal development/milestones
  • Pre-Schooler to Teen athleticism optimization

If you are interested in pursuing any of these pediatric treatments, reach out to Motus Integrative Health today!

Who is Motus Integrative Health?

We are a young, talented team of chiropractors offering our services in and around the Northwest Indiana region. Our modern chiropractic facility offers many technology-assisted procedures, as well as hands-on massages, adjustments and therapy. We believe that there are alternative methods to achieve a healthy life balance besides invasive surgeries and pain medication. Our services aim at treating pain and its underlying conditions, while maximizing our patients’ natural healing potential.

Get in Touch

To contact our experienced team of pediatric chiropractors, give us a call or leave us a message today. We will be in touch shortly and can discuss the ideal treatment for your child. You can also schedule an initial, no-cost consultation today; just pick a time that works for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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