Treatment for Auto & Work Injuries

Treatment for Auto & Work Injuries

Often people don’t realize the importance of treatment after an auto accident or work injury. Auto injuries can create immediate pain as well as gradually manifest pain and suffering over time when the injuries are not treated properly. At Motus Integrative Health located conveniently in Schererville and Crown Point, IN, you’ll get advanced therapies and unique chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques that are specifically aimed to help you recover from your injuries in the shortest possible time.

Our Providers are highly trained professionals in both the care and prevention of injuries due to auto collisions. You’ll get personalized care and attention to help you overcome your auto injuries such as whiplash, headaches, shoulder or arm pain, back pain, jaw pain and more.

Whether you have a small injury or a significant injury to take care of, we are your go-to rehabilitation center for comprehensive pain management. You can count on our state of the art therapy techniques and successful treatment methods to enhance and accelerate your healing process. Benefit from our high-quality health care services that are based on the most up to date research and evidence. We also work with other health professionals to ensure that you get the highest quality treatment possible.

In addition to great treatment, our professionals are experienced in the auto-injury and work injury claims process and they can testify in your favor as an expert witness, should the need arise. We also work with car accident insurance and car accident attorney liens. Many times you will not be billed for car accident injury treatment until your case is settled. Motus Integrative Health is a proud provider of care for Accident Treatment Centers.

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