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Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines Treatment

Does your pounding head prevent you from living actively? Millions of people in the United States get headaches regularly, and migraine is a leading cause of disability. You can have trouble thinking and functioning in your daily life. You may wonder what causes the recurring headaches. Headaches and migraines have many possible causes, and with chiropractic care, it’s possible to treat these conditions. Our team at Motus Integrative Health can examine your symptoms and help you find an effective treatment that promotes your long-term health. Here’s what you should know.

Symptoms of Headaches & Migraines

First and foremost, pain is the most easily recognizable sign of a headache. It may be dull or throbbing, constant or coming in waves. A headache is not necessarily the same as a migraine. While both involve pain and discomfort, migraines often have distinct neurological symptoms that make them different from a typical headache. Specifically, those with migraines may experience any of the following: 

  • Severe pain that affects one side of the head
  • Photophobia, or light sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Moreover, migraines are often preceded by a phase of auras, appetite changes, mood changes and more. These signs all indicate a migraine is about to occur, and typically happen within hours to days of the attack. Headaches do not generally have any of these additional neurological symptoms. You may feel as though a tight band is wrapped around your head or experience shoulder tension. 

No matter what kind of headaches you experience, we can help. Chiropractic is widely used and has a host of rich benefits for those who regularly deal with a sore head. Using aspirin and other OTC medications can provide short-term relief, but there are certain consequences that may happen when these are used for long periods of time. In some individuals, they may not be effective at all, or come with additional side effects. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic on Headaches and Migraines

Both conditions are readily manageable using chiropractic care. Many individuals turn to chiropractic for natural relief. It’s a safe, effective method to lessen pain and ease your most uncomfortable symptoms. Generally, chiropractic is best used to help prevent migraine attacks, while the adjustment can help immediately with headaches. An adjustment often lessens stress, which is a known migraine trigger. As you continue your appointments, you will notice a reduction in the severity and frequency of attacks. Eventually, you’ll be able to adequately manage and even prevent headaches from occurring. 

Additionally, a chiropractor can do various tests to see if you have food sensitivities or toxic substances in your body that may be increasing your risk of migraines. Certain foods, such as gluten and sugar, are common triggers for migraine attacks. Learning to adjust your diet and physical activity levels contributes to better health—and less pain. 

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Motus Integrative Health offers various services to help individuals who regularly face headaches and migraines. Our team can guide you through our various treatments to reduce your pain and get you on your feet again. To learn more, contact us to schedule a wellness consultation.  

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