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Grade – Schooler

Grade – Schooler

As children enter grade school, they continue to grow and develop at a rapid pace. This is an exciting time for both the child and their parents as they navigate through new challenges and experiences. It’s important to understand the normal developmental milestones that occur during this stage so that you can support your child’s growth and development in a positive way.

These milestones encompass a range of physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional developments that are crucial for a child’s growth into a well-rounded individual. At Motus Integrative Health, our approach is deeply rooted in the belief that every child is unique, with distinct needs that must be addressed to optimize their health and athleticism.

Personalized Assessments for Developmental Milestones

During the grade-school years, children exhibit a plethora of developmental milestones that signify their growth. 

  • Physically, they gain coordination and strength, engaging in more complex physical activities and refining their fine motor skills which include handwriting and the ability to manipulate small objects. 
  • Mentally and cognitively, these children begin to think more logically and develop problem-solving skills, showing a heightened understanding of abstract concepts and improving memory. 
  • Socially, grade-schoolers expand their interpersonal skills, learning to cooperate, negotiate, and resolve conflicts with peers, while emotionally, they start to form a more complex self-image and manage emotions with greater sophistication. 

To tailor our support effectively, we provide comprehensive assessments to track each child’s progress toward reaching age-appropriate milestones. These evaluations incorporate physical aspects, allowing us to identify both strengths and areas for improvement early on. Through these personalized assessments, we develop customized programs that cater to the individual needs of each child, ensuring optimal development.

The Long-Term Athletic Development Model

Our dedication to fostering optimal development in children is guided by the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model. This framework is integral to our philosophy, emphasizing the importance of nurturing fundamental motor skills—such as running, jumping, throwing, agility, balance, and coordination—at an early age. By adhering to the LTAD Model, we ensure that children progress through the necessary stages to realize their full athletic potential, supporting them in becoming proficient in various sports while promoting lifelong participation in physical activities.

Optimizing Athleticism Through Age-Appropriate Skills Training

Understanding the critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training, Motus Integrative Health focuses on developing fundamental sports skills that align with the LTAD Model’s 9 Stages. From the initial stages of introducing general physical skills to progressively more specialized training, our goal is to build a solid foundation that supports the child’s growth into an elite athlete.

For younger children, our programming centers around balance/stability, fundamental/dynamic movement, and object control. As children grow older, we incorporate plyometrics, speed, agility training, and eventually, strength, endurance, and power development, considering individual maturation variables. Each program is designed to be not only educational but also enjoyable, engaging children in fun drills and exercises that foster a love for physical activity.

Commitment to Holistic Well-being

Motus Integrative Health is committed to the holistic well-being of grade-school-aged kids. We are dedicated to helping children reach their developmental milestones and optimize their athleticism. Through our personalized assessments, tailored treatment plans, and programs, Motus Integrative Health stands as a beacon of support for young athletes aiming to excel in their sports and lead healthy, active lives.

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