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Pregnancy Chiropractors

Pregnancy has many effects on your body, from the standard expanding waistline, to subtle (and not-so-subtle) hormonal changes within your body. With these changes, your entire understanding of the ordinary is often thrown off-balance, especially when it comes to pain and discomfort. Anyone who has been through a pregnancy can tell you that there are natural discomforts associated with the significant changes taking place within your body and that knowing when to seek help can be difficult.

However, it is important to be aware of other options that can help you deal with some of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and the strain it can put on your body. At Motus Integrative Health we offer a range of different options for minimizing your discomfort during pregnancy and avoiding putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Some Common Changes

Pregnancy is a long process, giving lots of time for your body to evolve and change along with the child inside you. However, all of these changes are comparatively rapid for what your body is used to, and it is normal to expect some discomfort.

Here are several of the changes you might expect to experience during pregnancy:

  • Body pain/aches
  • Headaches
  • Leg cramps
  • Numbness/tingling in extremities
  • Muscle soreness
  • Soreness in the joints
  • Increased stress

While all of these symptoms are normal — and healthy, even — you don’t need to suffer through these without any assistance. And while pain medication can be a slippery slope, especially for the child you’re carrying, there are holistic methods that can help you cope with the changes taking place inside your body.

Reduce Strain on Your Body

Some of our methods for helping your body prevent undue pain and harm include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Birthfit pregnancy fitness
  • Pregnancy massage
  • The Webster Technique

Each of these services helps with a different area of pregnancy. For example, the Webster Technique provides a specific chiropractic adjustment that can help reduce sacral joint restriction — made more common by pregnancy — and the back pain that can come with that. On the other hand, a pregnancy massage can help soothe the stress that accumulates in specific areas of your body, loosening your muscles and aiding relaxation.

Designing Your Treatment

At Motus, we are happy to help you customize a treatment path for you as your pregnancy progresses. After all, your body will continue changing throughout the process, impacting different areas of your body. It is often said that all pregnancies are different; we believe this is true. As a result, it is difficult to rely on any single method to see you through, and customization can help you ensure you remain comfortable and safe throughout the process. Whether your treatment includes weekly massages, sessions of Birthfit Pregnancy Fitness or chiropractic adjustments, our experienced staff can help you find the best path for navigating this significant time in your life.

Speak With Our Pregnancy Specialists Today

For assistance through your pregnancy — a time that includes both excitement and stress — get in touch with Motus Integrative Health today! It is our goal to guide you through this time, staying comfortable and relaxed even as your body changes. Contact us on our website, or by calling our Schererville or Crown Point locations and speaking with our team. That way, you can begin designing your plan to minimize the pain and discomfort that comes with pregnancy.

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