Bruceifer Lloyd

Always feel better leaving than when I get there.

Darryl Reddick

Friendly and knowledgeable staff all around.

Lee Smith

First experience and I’m a believer….. quality treatment!

Ricky Chacon

I’ve seen Dr. Matt and Dr. Bob here and visited both locations. You’ll be making the right choice going with this company, everyone is helpful, friendly, and does great work from the front desk to the Dr. in the back.


Dr Matt is WONDERFUL!!! He know what he is doing. I love getting adjusted .

Natashia Vidauskas

I’d like to give a review on my experience at Motus Integrative Health facility. First I’d like to acknowledge the cleanliness of the place, wonderful job! In addition I like the way the people treat you. I had an outstanding doctor, very explanatory, and a good listener, not to mention her hands are like magic! I came there nearly a month ago with limited mobility and now I’m back jogging and I feel great! I would and will recommend this place to family and friends.

Tom Alexander

I’m a Long time chiropractic patient and am traveling for work. I needed help and didn’t know any chiropractors in the area. I emailed 2 offices after hours and Motus responded. The other office never responded. I was introduced to Dr. Meghan and have seen her twice. She is great. She listens and she cares and does what the best chiropractors do; they listen with their touch. I feel much better and highly recommend Dr. Meghan!

Krissy Devine

Went in for a second appointment. Had labs done two weeks prior to appointment, critical TSH lab took two weeks to get. Only to have and NP tell me that I may have thyroid cancer and she can no longer see me. My thought, if you can’t see me as a patient why bring me in for an appointment to tell me that just tell me on the phone. Now I have a bill for no care that was provided I’ve made three phone calls to discuss this bill to no avail. No one has called me back to discuss this matter with me.

Ben F.

Love Motus and the team approach to care. 5 healthcare stops in 1 building!

Bill Luckey

Thank you Dr Grant. In just a few visits my pain is gone and quality of life has improved greatly. Thanks so much. I will highly recommend you.

Traci Tollar

Dr. Megan is amazing and cares about doing whatever it takes to get her patients pain-free. Doesn’t hesitate to ask others Dr. ‘s opinions if she needs to in order to give the best treatment. She even texted me while she was off to ask how my son was doing. She treated me for neck injury and kept my pain controlled until I had surgery and now treating my son for a hip issue.
She is simply the best!


Dr Grant, and his team have provided excellent service! My back is more manageable! Motus Integrative is caring and by far the best chiropractor in the area! Everything you need in one office!

Alejandro Alvarez

This place is hands down the best. I have not had a bad experience, I will keep going to Motus Integrative Health in Crown Point.

Amy Townsend

Love, Love MOTUS, from my initial appointment with Kelly O.


hello I write because I want to know if they do massages for infertility I can not get pregnant thanks

Penny Paolucci

I was in severe pain for 4 years, and I was taking Hydrocodone for pain. The help at Motus was the only thing that alleviated my pain.
I am no longer taking pain medication. Thank you!

Shawn Mickow

I have had nothing but, great results since becoming a patient. The staff is wonderful and the massage therapist are fantastic!


Dr Bob has always been so thorough with me… one time he said something like “I bet you are leaning over with elbow on console while you are driving and on the phone like this” and he’d show me… I said I don’t think I do that, and sure enough I get in the car and that is exactly how I sat! I rarely had to wait for him at the office, and if I needed to get in right away, he was able to
squeeze me in.


Amazing place! I went and saw Dr. Fuller during my twin pregnancy. Baby A was breech, and after only one session, baby A turned vertex! I went on to have a vaginal delivery which was my goal! I had a few more sessions after that to help keep her that way and to help alleviate other pregnancy aches and pains. Dr. Fuller was always very kind, gentle and knowledgeable. All together I definitely had a five-star experience!

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