Reasons Athletes Should Visit a Chiropractor

A female chiropractor massaging an an athlete. Representing how one can benefit from calling a Crown Point chiropractor.As the weather warms up and the days turn sunnier, you want to go outside more now than ever. It’s time to break out the tennis rackets, play some golf or shoot some baskets. No matter what your plans are, it’s important to take precautions against injuries, even if you’re just a casual player. A chiropractor can help ensure that you’re physically prepared to handle the stress and strain your muscles will face as you partake in your favorite athletic pastimes. Here are some common injuries our chiropractors treat at Motus Integrative Health

Tennis Elbow

This is a common, painful condition that can affect one or both of your elbows. When you overexert your arms, the connective tissue between your muscles and your elbow joint becomes inflamed. Any activity that overuses your elbows can result in lasting pain and muscle soreness. Tennis elbow isn’t an injury that’s exclusive to tennis, however. No matter what sport you play, if you are using your arms frequently, you need to be careful. 

Chiropractic care is often effective since it helps to reduce inflammation around joints, including your elbow. We will do a series of quick, forceful maneuvers that help to manage and limit your pain. 

Sore Knees

Whether you’re a runner or play badminton, you’re on your feet a lot. Your knees take a lot of pressure and soak up plenty of force as you sprint, jump and squat. Sore knees usually are an indication that something is wrong with the joint, such as bursitis or tendinitis. Regardless of what’s causing your knee pain, our doctors offer a variety of effective treatments to reduce your pain and get you out into the field again. You can try physical therapy, which is very effective in pain within the legs. We also offer active release techniques and more. It all depends on the severity of your pain. 

Neck Strain (Whiplash)

Your neck is a delicate part of your body. It’s responsible for holding the weight of your entire head and can easily become damaged. If you’ve been experiencing a sore neck after playing your sports game, it might be due to a number of causes. Sometimes, poor posture is to blame, since holding your head too far backward or forwards exerts uneven pressure on the bones in your neck. Other times, it’s from an injury such as whiplash. Chiropractic care is your best bet since it targets the spine. The benefits are numerous, such as a reduced chance for headaches as well.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders are another body part that gets used frequently while playing sports. From swinging a baseball bat to shooting a basketball, your shoulders can easily become worn down if you aren’t careful. A chiropractor can help you take care of your shoulders and reduce the chance of injury. We offer myofascial massage for injured muscles. This massage is a special kind that helps lower inflammation and promote healing. We recommend it for your shoulders, which can otherwise be difficult to stretch. 

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There are so many reasons why athletes should visit a chiropractor. You can boost your athletic performance as we help improve your flexibility and reduce pain. Visit Motus Integrative Health to learn how we can help!

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