Christian Anto

Christian Anto

Movement Coach and Head of Athletic Development

Christian came into the strength and conditioning realm with a background in soccer which lasted through college, playing in the NJCAA for a team in Madison, Wisconsin. From there, he turned to the weight room to emend his training goals and transitioned into studying Human Health Sciences. During this transition, he felt the need to help people outside of the hospital and give them a fighting chance rather than tending to sick individuals already admitted to the hospital. Christian converted his educational studies to Exercise Sports Science, where he has earned his bachelor’s degree and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification.

Christian is also a competitive powerlifter who has gained elite totals in three weight classes (165 – 198) with his best of 1770 at 181 (top ten all-time 2017). Christian is a member of team EliteFTS since 2016. He is very passionate about his training and brings that intensity to his clients. Christian has a very technical eye for movement mechanics, particularly when it comes to powerlifting. He currently resides in Highland, IN, working out of Illiana Power Asylum, where his wife Julia and he run a powerlifting team along with their coaching business. Christian is eager to share his knowledge and help others reach their strength goals.


  • BA in Exercise Sports Science

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