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Your Health Begins in Your Gut: How We Can Help



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Gut health has gained more and more attention over recent years. Increasingly, evidence has pointed to the gut as the origins of our immune health and more. Keeping your gut healthy is easy with the help of our chiropractors. Motus Integrative Health offers plenty of ways for you to feel better. Here’s how you can improve your overall health at our pain management center.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of IBS

IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, is a common condition. A person with IBS can feel frequent pain and discomfort, especially after eating a meal. IBS is divided into subgroups, such as IBS-D and IBS-C, which have their own symptoms. Our physicians can help you manage your IBS symptoms and, over time, reduce pain and symptoms. One of the most common ways to treat IBS includes changing your diet. You may have to eliminate certain foods from your diet, such as sugar or alcohol, as these are notorious for causing IBS flare-ups. Conversely, introducing gut-healthy foods is an excellent way to improve your digestive health and your quality of life. 

Reign in Anxiety and Stress

One of the biggest influences on digestive health is our stress levels. Stress can throw off body processes across the board, and your gut is no exception. From delaying digestion to increasing your risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers, stress is something you need to learn to manage. We work with many patients who are feeling anxiety. Chiropractic is shown to reduce anxious feelings in individuals, so consider this procedure to indirectly help your gut health. 

Nutritional Counseling Connects the Gaps

Eating right makes all the difference. So much of our health is determined by the nutrients we take—or don’t take—every day. If your gut health hasn’t been at the levels you want it to be, consult with our team. We provide professional guidance to help you improve your gut health. Since everyone is different, we will help you create an individualized diet plan that includes a wide variety of food and nutrients that you need. We can help you identify foods that trigger unpleasant reactions in you, such as gas or indigestion, and identify healthier alternatives. 

Exercise Plays a Role

Did you know that regular exercise can improve your gut health? Some studies suggest that exercise can modify the microbes in our guts, although the reasons why aren’t yet clear. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to improve your gut health, exercise should absolutely be on your radar. Of course, exercise isn’t always easy, especially if you deal with chronic pain or other obstacles. Before engaging in any kind of exercise, talk to our chiropractors. A chiropractic adjustment may be just what you need to boost your mobility and help you manage your pain while introducing exercise into your daily life. 

Get a Full Health Examination Today

Your gut health is determined by many factors, so speak to our professionals to identify areas of improvement. Motus Integrative Health is proud to help so many patients feel better using natural, trusted methods. Call us today to schedule your visit.


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