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Treating TMJ With Chiropractic Care



The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is essentially the connecting point between your jaw and skull. Dysfunction involving this joint can lead to aches, pains, and locking of the joint. It isn’t always clear what causes this condition, but the discomfort can usually be managed without surgery. In many cases, a chiropractor can help provide relief. At Motus Integrative Health, our expert chiropractors will work with you to find the best way to alleviate the discomfort associated with your TMJ.  

How do I know if I have a TMJ disorder?

TMJ disorders are characterized by pain in the joint connecting your jaw to your skull, although that pain may also radiate out to the area in and around your ear. Stiffness and difficulty moving your jaw is also a sign that something isn’t quite right, and you may wish to have it examined. 

To diagnose the disorder, your doctor will likely want to examine your jaw, listening and observing as you open and close your mouth. Cases of this disorder tend to vary, and may not have an obvious cause. According to the Mayo Clinic, TMJ disorders might be caused by any number of factors. Genetics, former injuries, and arthritis can all play a role. 

Treatment for TMJ

If you have TMJ, a chiropractor or physical therapist can help relieve your discomfort. Muscles throughout the face and neck can become tender or sore, and are what professionals know as trigger points. These trigger points can contribute to TMJ pain. Sometimes, the condition may even begin to cause headaches or pain in the neck and shoulders.

A specialist can massage these trigger points, or knots, to relieve some of the stiffness and pain. Trigger point massage promotes blood flow to the affected tissue, reducing the tension and inflammation that may be causing discomfort. Additionally, your physical therapist may be able to guide you in ways to exercise and strengthen the muscles in your jaw, working towards long term relief. 

Like many other joints in the body, a chiropractor may be able to perform an adjustment to help with pain and mobility issues associated with the temporomandibular joint. When seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment, they will likely start by testing your range of motion with the joint in question. This will help them determine the point at which your jaw’s mobility is hindered, so that they can better help with the pain. 

Chiropractic Care at Motus Integrative Health

If you are struggling with stiffness and pain related to your TMJ, a chiropractor or physical therapist can be an effective way to receive treatment. Chiropractic manipulation can help ease the discomfort associated with TMJ disorders, and improve mobility of the jaw. Our team at Motus Integrative Health offers the best in pain management and physical therapy, so you can get back to feeling your best. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact us today.


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