Sensitivity Testing for Foods, Dyes, Additives, Preservatives and Chemicals

Sensitivity Testing for Foods, Dyes, Additives, Preservatives and Chemicals

At Motus Integrative Health we know that the stress of life does not always lead to the freshest, purest, cleanest home-cooked choices in meals.  Some of the food additives in store-bought and packaged items can be irritating to your digestive system and lead to symptoms like joint pain, headaches, behavioral problems in children and even learning disabilities.  A simple jar of pickles can have a preservative in it that is seen to become a real irritant to your body, and that same preservative is in many other canned and jar foods.

We have a food sensitivity test that will not only check for offending foods but for the dyes, additives, preservatives, chemicals and even molds that can come with eating your meals.

The immune system can identify foreign items and will seek to neutralize them.  A healthy immune system is tolerant but when deficits in the ability to repair accumulate, inflammation occurs and can become chronic.  This can lead to autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many others.

Motus Integrative Health offers the LRA test by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies to test for all the above issues and more.  This test is available on request and gives you a wide variety of testing options and packages to choose from based on your concerns, symptoms and exposures.  Many physical symptoms can be eliminated by removing offending foods or chemical additives for a few months.  Talk with your practitioner at Motus today and see which test best meets your needs and budget!

*adapted from ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC

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