Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

At Motus Integrative Health we seek to help you manage your health from a natural perspective.  Our personalized approach to medicine is tailored to your individual biochemistry.  Our testing methods, special laboratory tests, and personalized plans are targeted at identifying and correcting the root cause of your symptoms and not just managing them.

Your genetics are not your destiny!  We now know that a person’s environment has a significant impact on genes (a term known as “epigenetics”) as well as overall health and disease.  This means that your lifestyle including the foods you eat, the air you breathe and the amount of sleep you get are directly correlated with your overall health.  What if your food choices could help you manage physical symptoms such as fatigue or skin problems?  What if improved digestion and absorption of nutrients could produce greater physical comfort, rest and peace of mind?  Our comprehensive and personalized care of the whole person can offer this kind of quality of life.

Our providers at Motus Integrative Health can offer full and extensive test panels that will identify the current and potential disease.  This will allow us to help you manage your nutrient needs based on those results.  We have fecal analysis kits that can be collected in the privacy of your home and shipped from your doorstep.  This type of analysis results in a better understanding of what is happening deep inside your gut.  We offer education and plans on various diets (elimination, autoimmune, Paleo, Primal and more) to assist with food sensitivities and the reintroduction process once your gut has time to heal from any offending foods, pollutants or chemicals.

At Motus Integrative Health, we personalize our approach to each individual because everyone is different.   We take the time to educate each person about what the root cause of your symptoms and what your options for treatment are.  Then we come up with a plan together, working as a team.  Our mission at Motus Integrative Health is simple:  help each person live the healthiest life imaginable!

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