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Medical Weight Control

Here at Motus Integrative Health, we are not just about what you weigh or how much weight you can lose quickly.  Excess weight is a symptom of a deeper issue and not a moral failing or a lack of willpower. Sometimes it can be about not knowing WHAT to eat, but we live in a culture that has dispensed with core values in life and is fraught with stressors and a lack of peace.  The culture has made a schedule that disallows for time to cook at home and to know what is in our food.

Why is Medical Weight Control Necessary?

There are large numbers of environmental and social alterations in the world we live in.  Since the 1960’s boom in processed foods, we now see two-thirds of the country’s population is overweight or obese.  Children are now overweight or obese at even younger and younger ages and experiencing symptoms as a result that were previously only seen in adult populations.  We now see that eating less fat and more grains does not work.

Sometimes, we eat out of frustration, physical discomfort or even emotional pain or social awkwardness.  We need to manage our eating, our thoughts, our patterns and this will help us manage our biochemistry in a toxic and polluted world.  Food choices do lead to or extinguish inflammation and the wrong choices can lead to autoimmunity, obesity, migraines, and insomnia to name just a few.  As Dallas Hartwig of the Whole 30 states, “We live in an inflamed, hormonally disrupted culture.”

The food manufacturing companies and marketers know how to outsmart our better judgments.  They market to greater “mouthfeel” with creamier and crunchier textures.

Motus Integrative Health Can Help

At Motus Integrative Health, we will work with you to manage your energy and awareness, and ward off depletions.  We offer new strategies for healthy behaviors and we help you move from a motivation of love and away from fear-based behaviors.  Our Naturopath has packages to help you achieve your best self and live in your best state of health.

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