Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Do you have belly fat or mood swings?  Do you have hair where it does not belong?  Random headaches or migraines?  This may indicate that you have a hormone imbalance or excess!

There is much talk about hormones and hormone balance and there is also a fear of synthetic hormone use.  Both conversations are worth having with a provider.  Prescription therapy is not always wise or necessary. There are lifestyle changes that can be made and supplements can be used to balance and regulate hormone production and clearance from the body as well.

Saliva and Urine testing kits are available at Motus Integrative Health for determining what the current state is of your hormone levels and the balance or unbalance between them.  Serum levels are not always the result of choice since sex steroid and cortisol hormones are protein bound and serum is just a transportation means for the hormone to travel to the target tissue.

Let our providers help you determine what is safe, test for risk factors and advise you regarding your hormone use or balance.

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