Environmental Pollutants Testing

Environmental Pollutants Testing


*“Environmental chemicals are toxic compounds present in our air, water, food and many consumer products that we use every day”.  Accumulation of these compounds can be slow to develop into a health problem but long-term exposure or a large short exposure can lead to such health problems as cancer, reproductive issues and even birth defects.

Toxins include:

Volatile Solvents:  plastics, rubber, lubricants, detergents, drugs, pesticides, dyes, furniture wax, adhesives and many more.

Phthalates:  These make plastic pliable and are present in building materials.  They are also in many consumer products like moisturizers and fragrances.  Phthalates carry the scent in your perfume and are then being placed directly on your skin.

Parabens:  These are artificial preservatives that prevent bacterial growth to increase shelf life in cosmetics and personal care items.  They are also used in pastries, fillings, confections and frozen treats.  There is evidence that they are estrogenic and can cause hormone disruptions.

These pollutants affect the immune system, nervous system, and reproduction.

Motus Integrative Health has an easy to use urine collection kit from US Biotek that will illuminate the levels you may have within your body.  Our lab will then generate an interpretation report and we will create a plan to give you the intervention protocols you need to help defend against these every day disrupters.  Talk to one of our practitioners today at Motus Integrative Health for more information.

*adapted from US Biotek Laboratories Worldwide.

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