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Is Chiropractic Treatment Beneficial for Children? 



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While many of us associate chronic pain with older age, the truth is that children sometimes suffer from it, too. If your child is in pain, you want to do everything in your power to help them feel better. At Motus Integrative Health, our team works closely with parents and their children to deliver exceptional care. We believe chiropractic is among the best ways to help children manage their chronic pain. If you’re wondering why, read below to discover the benefits of chiropractic care for kids, and call us if you have questions.

Gentle Method For Reducing Pain

Chiropractic has a high success rate, yet it doesn’t involve anything invasive or uncomfortable. It’s a very safe method to lower pain levels without inducing side effects. Children tend to have a harder time dealing with pain than adults since they do not have the emotional maturity to handle it alone, whether it’s from a condition like scoliosis, migraines or an injury after a fall. Fortunately, if your child cannot swallow pain medications, chiropractic is a great option. During a chiropractic appointment, one of our team members will perform a maneuver that releases tension from a joint. The majority of patients report no side effects, and there is very little risk involved, making it one of the safest ways to treat pain.

Easy to Fit Into Schedule

As a parent, you are well aware of how busy life gets. Between professional duties, taking care of your children, driving them to school and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find spare time. That’s why chiropractic is a great choice for those with a busy lifestyle. A typical appointment takes less than 15 minutes, meaning you can get your child in and out of the office quickly.

Helps Your Child Sleep

One of the best benefits of chiropractic is its sleep benefits. Many individuals who receive chiropractic care get a better night’s sleep. Not only does chiropractic reduce anxiety, which can complicate your child’s sleep schedule, but it also reduces pain that may make it hard to sleep. When nighttime rolls around, your child will be relaxed and get a good night’s rest.

Treats Falls and Injuries

Children are highly active and spend their free time running and playing. While you do your best to keep your child safe, there are times when they may fall and get hurt. After an injury, talk to one of our chiropractors. We can help ensure your child’s injury heals properly while reducing the pain in the meantime.

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Chiropractic provides long-term health benefits beyond the scope of chronic pain. Children who receive chiropractic care will have better well-being in many areas of their life. Chiropractic promotes better posture and spine health, which clears neural pathways and contributes to a healthier nervous system. Furthermore, chiropractic takes a full-body approach to health, allowing your child to exercise and be active more often.

Talk to Our Pediatric Chiropractors Today

Overall, chiropractic is an effective and safe way to help your child feel better. Visit our chiropractic office in Crown Point or Schererville now to learn more.


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