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How to Accelerate Your Healing After An Accident



If you have recently been in an accident, working with a physical therapist can help you regain your strength and accelerate your healing. As described by Medical News Today, a physical therapist is a movement expert who can help you address a number of different injuries and health conditions. A physical therapist might help using a variety of exercises and other treatment methods to improve your mobility and ultimately work towards pain relief. No matter the cause of your pain, our physical therapists at Motus Integrative Health will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that helps you get back on your feet again. 

First Steps After An Accident or Injury

An injury or accident can have a big impact on your daily life. However, knowing the first steps to take after an accident can help you start healing sooner. In some cases, you may not realize that you have been injured after an accident. If you have any thoughts that something might be wrong, you should see a professional. 

A physical therapist can help with some of the more common injuries that result from work, sports and auto accidents. Concussions, tennis elbow, and whiplash can all be treated with physical therapy. In the case of whiplash, for instance, your physical therapist will help you safely rebuild strength and improve the range of motion in your neck. 

Pain Relief For Injury Recovery

One of the barriers involved in recovering from an accident is finding a method of pain relief that works for you. Physical therapy is effective for improving your pain in the long term, but you may also wish to consider chiropractic care. Seeing a chiropractor is one way to seek pain relief without additional surgery or medication. 

A chiropractor can help relieve pain and improve mobility in affected areas with techniques such as an adjustment. When performing an adjustment, your chiropractor will apply controlled force to push the joint in question just beyond its typical range of motion. You might hear a “popping” noise, similar to when you crack your knuckles. 

If you have never seen a chiropractor before, you might be wondering if it really works. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), people who saw a chiropractor not only had a reduced likelihood of receiving an opioid prescription, but also saw “greater short-term reductions in self-reported disability and pain compared with usual medical care.” 

Scheduling An Appointment For Physical Therapy

Healing after an accident or injury takes time, but there are steps you can take to aid in the process and begin feeling better. A physical therapist can help you rebuild your strength and reduce some of the pain associated with your injuries. At Motus Integrative Health, we take your pain seriously. Contact us today to learn how our services can help you with accident and injury recovery.


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