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How Does Dry Needling Work?



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Anyone looking for drug-free solutions to chronic pain is aware of all the options out there. From cupping to massage therapy, there are plenty of ways to limit pain while promoting a healthier lifestyle. One treatment that’s becoming more popular is dry needling. Many individuals have successfully used dry needling to manage chronic pain and associated symptoms. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re likely wondering what this procedure involves. Our team at Motus Integrative Health covers some of the basics of this natural treatment.

What Happens During a Dry Needling Appointment

Natural pain relief provides pain reduction while minimizing side effects. Very few people report any significant side effects, so it’s a dependable way to relieve pain without causing further discomfort. Additionally, it’s minimally invasive to reduce risks and side effects. That’s what makes dry needling such an effective solution.

The process begins at a consultation with one of our team members. We’ll sit down at a private consultation where we’ll discuss your health history, as well as the symptoms you’re currently having. We want to be sure it’s the best treatment for you. Then, we’ll identify trigger points throughout your body. The actual procedure involves inserting thin needles directly into these myofascial trigger points in the muscle. These trigger points can become inflamed and irritable. By inducing a twitch response, the needle releases tension. Most patients feel pain relief right away, while others may need additional appointments.

How it Works

Dry needling is distinguished from acupuncture and other pain relief methods because of how it targets specific trigger points in the body. While acupuncture is used to balance the body’s chi, or life energy, dry needling targets muscular tension. Myofascial trigger points can affect various regions in the body, so focusing on relieving tension in these points eliminates pain elsewhere, too. It’s effective because it promotes blood flow, reduces inflammation, accelerates the healing process among other benefits.

What Are the Benefits?

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture, but there are several noteworthy differences. The latter has been used for thousands of years, while dry needling is a modern treatment developed for musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Widely Applicable. The needles can be inserted nearly anywhere on the body, so it’s applicable for those with whiplash, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions.
  • Relieves Stress. Many individuals notice a reduction in stress levels during and after the procedure. Anxiety and mental distress are commonly associated with pain, so if you struggle with both, this is a feasible solution to reduce both symptoms.
  • Natural. No medications or surgery is involved, making it a holistic way to reduce pain.

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Achieving a healthier life starts from within. Finding pain relief that works, paired with the compassionate care you can depend on, provides the opportunity to enrich your wellbeing without additional discomfort. Motus Integrative Health has a full range of chiropractic services. Whether you’d like to try dry needling or another one of our services, we’re happy to be the team you depend on. Call us today to begin.


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