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How Chiropractic Treatment Can Improve Digestion



While chiropractic care is most commonly associated with your back and joints, it can actually be beneficial as a treatment for symptoms across your whole body–including digestive issues. If you struggle with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a chiropractor may be able to help. At Motus Integrative Health, we believe in a patient-centered approach that will help you understand your symptoms and begin taking steps to tackle the problem directly, so you can get back to feeling your best.

What is IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract that can affect your bowel movements and lead to abdominal pain. IBS can be an uncomfortable disorder to have, although the severity of symptoms will vary from person to person. IBS symptoms can be triggered by stress or even by certain foods (wheat, dairy, and citrus are common culprits). 

In some cases, lifestyle and nutrition changes can be used to manage those symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see a doctor. A doctor will be able to discuss your symptoms with you and make sure that there are no other underlying conditions causing your digestion problems. While many treatment options include medication, there may be other ways to manage your symptoms through your diet or even chiropractic treatment. 

Treating IBS with Chiropractic Care

One treatment that a chiropractor may be able to offer is called cranial sacral therapy. Cranial sacral therapy is a method to relieve stress and compression throughout the body, which makes it an effective method for addressing a number of problems. While cranial sacral therapy particularly targets compression in the head, spinal column, and part of the lower back, it also promotes healing and can be used as part of treatment for a wide range of conditions, including IBS. 

Wellness Coaching for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For many people, a change in diet can help with symptoms of IBS. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Motus Integrative Health, we offer wellness coaching that can help you tackle the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to start feeling better. We can discuss the many aspects of your daily health and wellness with you, to not only improve the symptoms of your IBS but how you feel overall. 

When it comes to nutrition in particular, our nurse practitioners may want to run labs and work with you on the aspects of your diet which could be triggering your IBS. Taking the right approach to nutrition can help get your gut balance back to rights.

Scheduling an Appointment with Motus Integrative Health

If IBS or other digestive issues are prevalent in your day to day life, seeing a chiropractor or other health professional can help you start taking the right steps to feeling better. A wellness coach may be able to advise you on nutrition and lifestyle changes that improve your symptoms and let you get back to living comfortably. Schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors to learn more. 


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