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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Whiplash Injury from Auto Accident



Car accidents lead to all sorts of injuries that may have long term consequences. It’s no surprise considering the large amounts of force involved in a crash. Some individuals face neck pain, which is most likely whiplash. If you’ve developed whiplash following a car accident, you’re likely searching for relief. Whiplash causes stiffness and pain that can interfere with your daily activities, so immediate treatment is key. Visit our team at Motus Integrative Health for dependable solutions. 

Understanding Whiplash

Before we explore how chiropractic treats whiplash, it’s good to understand what whiplash is. Whiplash is a neck injury caused by rapid back and forth movement of the head. The neck is delicate and undergoes great amounts of force when the head moves rapidly. As a result, the spine and muscles through your neck and shoulders get injured, resulting in a number of symptoms: 

  • Pain through the neck and shoulders
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Pins and needles
  • Trouble sleeping due to pain

Fortunately, chiropractic can safely reduce the discomfort. Here’s how it works. 

Focuses on the Joint

Chiropractic is an excellent treatment for disorders of the joints. Since whiplash affects the spinal cord, chiropractic can re establish balance through the spine and ensure the joints are properly aligned. Chiropractic involves applying force to a joint. This releases air and tension, which over time resorts the joint’s proper alignment. After several adjustments, the joint is significantly improved. This also helps nerves communicate, which clears up residual pain and promotes healing. 

Releases Tension

Whiplash is known to cause significant muscular tension. You likely have difficulty turning your head. Tension in the neck muscles causes stiffness and makes your pain worse. Relieving this discomfort will instantly help improve your condition and helps you function in your daily life. Furthermore, tension is associated with headaches, so by treating neck tension, you will help your aching head as well. 

Promotes Circulation and Healing

Chiropractic is well known for its healing capabilities. It’s among the best ways to treat pain without invasive procedures or medications. Chiropractic, particularly alongside medical massage, can help promote circulation to the area affected. Better circulation helps to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Spinal Manipulation Helps Herniated Disc

It’s possible to experience a herniated disc following whiplash. When the neck is subjected to fast movement, the tissues between the joints can slip out and press on nearby nerves. This condition is very painful but can be effectively managed using chiropractic care. We do special maneuvers to help the tissues heal and reduce nerve pain. 

Contact Us Today to Begin Chiropractic Treatment

If you’re tired of dealing with the pain caused by chiropractic, call Motus Integrative Health to take steps towards better well being. Healing after an auto accident is key, as these events can be menatlly and physically traumatic. We are here for you as you overcome your symptoms and reclaim your ability to live life to its fullest. Explore all the benefits of chiropractic today. 


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