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How Can Chiropractors Treat Pain From Musculoskeletal Issues?



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Are you frequently dealing with pain? While it’s normal to have an ache every once in a while, ongoing pain is sometimes a sign of an underlying health problem. Be sure to talk to a health professional about musculoskeletal disorders, which are treatable at Motus Integrative Health. Our chiropractors do all that we can to help you feel your very best. Here’s why you should look into chiropractic care. 

What Is a Musculoskeletal Issue, and What Are the Symptoms?

Musculoskeletal conditions are those affecting your muscles, joints and bones. Some conditions include:

    • Scoliosis. Scoliosis is when the spine is not aligned. It’s a chronic health condition that is usually discovered in childhood. 
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you’ve ever used the computer for too long, you are familiar with the ache that happens afterward. Carpal tunnel syndrome goes a step further since it involves nerve pain. Overusing your hands, combined with an improper position, leads to inflammation in the wrist. When inflammation happens, the surrounding muscle presses against the median nerve, resulting in sharp pain, numbness and tingling. 
    • Herniated Disc. Herniated discs put pressure on the nerves in your spine, which can lead to any number of uncomfortable symptoms. You may even develop sciatica, a condition involving inflammation of the sciatic nerve. 
    • Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain in your muscles and bones. The pain ranges from mild aching to debilitating. Many people with fibromyalgia go undiagnosed for a long time because the symptoms mimic other health problems. 

Musculoskeletal disorders also include temporary issues, such as sprains and strains. Anytime you injure a muscle, you can develop long term pain and stiffness. Fortunately, chiropractic care can ease the pain caused by musculoskeletal issues. 

How a Chiropractor Can Help

If you have a musculoskeletal disorder, turn to a chiropractor for help. Our chiropractors utilize natural treatments to safely reduce your pain. With a chiropractor, you will do various maneuvers that will help you feel better. Here’s how it works:

    • Targets Joints. Chiropractic is highly effective on joint pain because the maneuvers are designed to release tension from a joint. While doing a chiropractic adjustment, you may hear a popping sound as air is released from your joints. 
    • Full-Body Pain Relief. Part of what makes musculoskeletal disorders tough to treat is that they cause pain all over your body. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments are applicable almost anywhere, including your neck, wrists and knees. No matter where your pain is located, we can help. 
    • Anti-Inflammatory. Chiropractic lowers inflammation in your body. Inflammation is a term used to describe your body’s immune response. High inflammation is a known cause for pain and is a trigger for several chronic health conditions, so targeting inflammation in turn will reduce the pain you feel. 
    • Longlasting Benefits. Chiropractic is effective because it treats pain in the long term. Rather than continuing to take medications or other treatments that may not be working for you, chiropractic is safe and effective. You can depend on its benefits as they impact your entire body. 

In addition to chiropractic care, our team delivers a range of helpful services that promote healthy living in all areas of your life. Eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise are also effective in reducing chronic pain, which is why visiting a chiropractor is one of the best choices you can make. 

Try Chiropractic in Highland Today

Motus Integrative Health provides innovative treatments for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders. Talk to our chiropractic team today to learn more. 


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