DNS Strength Training

DNS Strength Training

Course Description

Who should take this course?

This class, and the subsequent DNS strength training 2, is designed for trainers, strength coaches and rehabilitation specialists (dc, pt, atc, etc.) who utilize traditional strength training movements with their clients and/or athletes. This course is excellent for someone who does performance training as well as someone who does rehabilitation. The content covered in this course is applicable to both elite athletes and highly dysfunctional populations. Anyone can take this course; it is highly applicable to trainers, certified strength coaches and medical professionals.

What’s the purpose of the course?

The purpose of both DNS-st1 and DNS-st2 is to introduce the fundamental principles of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) and enable attendees to apply these principles to traditional strength training movements such as a kettlebell swing, dumbbell shoulder press or barbell back squat. The fundamental principles of DNS are in fact fundamental principles of human movement and function. Optimizing or rehabilitating movement and performance requires a sound understanding of these principles and the ability to apply them to the athlete’s or client’s movements. In these courses, the focus is to optimize postural control and stabilization patterns within the traditional strength training movements. This is no easy task. The end goal of these courses is to make this difficult task possible so that coaches and therapists can more effectively train their clients and patients.

What does this course involve?

DNS-st1 will cover all the material in the standard DNS exercise 1 course and will, therefore, count as a DNS exercise 1 course and entry point for more advanced DNS courses. This will serve as an entry point into the complex DNS model. As such, there is no pre-requisite for this course. We will cover the history of dance, its founder Pavel Kolar, pt and the Prague school of rehabilitation. We will also introduce fundamental DNS concepts such as functional centration, ideal stabilization stereotype, developmental kinesiology and functional capacity. Attendees will learn basic DNS tests and exercises based on developmental kinesiology up to 4.5 months during which time sagittal stabilization is formed. In addition, we will cover the application of these principles to traditional, non-differentiated, sagittal plane strength training movements such as hinging (barbell deadlift, kettlebell swing), pressing movements, pulling movements, and squat variations. The concepts covered in this course will be expanded upon in DNS-st2.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce fundamental concepts of DNS such as functional centration, sagittal stabilization and functional capacity
  • Introduce the neuro-physiological concepts of human development (developmental kinesiology)
  • Explain ideal sagittal stabilization
  • Cover pathological postural stabilization stereotypes.
  • Apply fundamental dns concepts to traditional strength training movements (non-differentiated, sagittal plane movements such as hip hinging and bilateral pressing/pulling)

Prague School Fee

In order to attend this class, you must also pay the Prague school fee of 80 EUR.

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Cancellation Policy

  • A service fee of $75 will apply for all cancellations.
  • Refunds will not be issued within 30 days of the seminar date.
  • Registration may be transferred to a different eligible party with 30 days notice.

CEU Policy

  • Motus education applies for CEUs for licensed chiropractors in the state of this course as standard practice.
  • We agree to apply for CEUs for additional states/professions, if there is sufficient time (based on each states’ rules).
  • If you require CEUs for your state and profession, please inform Motus education of your CE needs at the time of registration.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Richard Ulm, DC, CSCS

    COURSE: DNS Strength Training 1

    COURSE DATES: Postponed to 2021


    STANDARD PRICE:  $745 for professionals, $500 for students (+ mandatory Prague School Fee)

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