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Common Causes of Neck Pain



The neck is a very delicate area of the body. All of the bones, muscles and ligaments located in this region can become inflamed or injured, leading to significant pain. As a result, you may have trouble moving your head, or find it hard to function through the stiffness and pain. Often, it helps to determine the exact cause of your pain so our chiropractors can strategize a way to resolve the issue. Over the years, our team at Motus Integrative Health has observed a few common culprits. Discover the most common causes of neck pain below, and learn how chiropractic can alleviate your symptoms. 

Muscle Strain

Due to the neck’s structure, it’s easy to strain the muscles. Something as simple as moving your head too quickly or sleeping with the wrong pillow can lead to lasting discomfort. Other possibilities include smartphone and computer usage, which is especially true in today’s digitalized world. Muscle strains fortunately tend to resolve quickly, but it’s recommended that you have a professional assess the issue to ensure it heals correctly. 


Given how delicate the neck is, it’s no wonder it is easily injured. Whiplash is a common injury of the neck that results from rapid head movements. Car accidents, falls and injuries while playing sports often result in whiplash, which can cause lasting pain and stiffness. Other injuries may affect the bones inside of the neck, such as from a fracture. These injuries require careful treatment to protect the spinal cord. 


As we age, our bodies undergo many changes, some of which compromise our health. Arthritis occurs frequently among older adults, and in some cases, it can affect the spinal bones in the neck. For instance, osteoarthritis occurs due to degenerating tissues that are meant to cushion the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation in the joints and bone spurs, and typically this condition gets worse over time. Spinal stenosis can also occur as a result of inflamed joints, adding pressure on the spinal cord. 

Compressed Nerves

Many conditions of the neck, including injuries and chronic diseases, run the risk of nerve compression, particularly if the tissues in the neck are compromised. A herniated disc can press on nearby nerves, sending sharp pain through the neck, and may also cause numbness and tingling. 

Poor Posture

Often, neck pain is caused by something as simple as poor posture. Slouching or sleeping in an improper position can lead to sore muscles. Since the head is heavy, the neck can easily be strained if the weight is poorly distributed. Fortunately, this type of neck pain is easily resolved and can be prevented through lifestyle changes. 

Get a Full Health Assessment at Motus Integrative Health

With so many potential causes, you’ll want to have your neck pain examined by a health expert. Motus Integrative Health provides wellness exams for patients dealing with all kinds of body pain. A chiropractor can help you learn to prevent and manage your symptoms so you can live life to its fullest. Start now by calling our office to schedule an appointment.


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