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Common Causes of Back Pain



A sore back is among the most common medical complaints. Millions of people deal with back pain on the regular. From lifestyle choices to chronic health conditions, there are many potential causes of the discomfort. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat back pain depending on its cause, including holistic treatments. At Motus Integrative Health, we have several treatment options available for you to choose from, all of which provide holistic pain relief. Here are the most common causes of back pain we observe in our patients. 

Sedentary Lifestyle

Among the most common causes of back pain is that caused by a sedentary lifestyle. When we sit for long periods, it places hours of pressure along the spinal cord. You also may strain your back muscles if you sit or lay in an uncomfortable position. While proper posture and regular physical activity are great at reducing the impact, sometimes it can’t be helped, particularly if you have a desk job. Chiropractic can boost mobility of the spine and reduce pain in that region, supporting your fitness goals.

Spine-Related Issues

Spinal health plays an important role in your overall well being. When there is an issue with the spinal joints, it can cause back pain. Often, the discomfort is a result of a herniated or bulging disc. When the soft tissues inside the spine are pushed out due to an injury or degeneration, they can press on nearby nerves, creating pain that spreads to various parts of the body. Bulging discs are similar, although they do not protrude as much as a herniated disc. Degenerative disc disease can also cause pain as the “cushions” between the joints become worn down with age. 

Spinal issues are commonly treated using chiropractic adjustments. These gentle maneuvers can relieve the tension off of these nerves and reduce inflammation that is exacerbating your symptoms. 

Injuries and Accidents

Our bodies are very delicate, and even what seems like a minor fall can throw things out of balance. The spine is sensitive to injuries, including car accidents and muscle sprains, and these can cause significant pain. Ensure your injury heals properly with the help of a chiropractor. Our services are designed to utilize your body’s innate healing capabilities and maximize your recovery. Many studies show that earlier treatment means you are more likely to recover, rather than experiencing pain years down the line. 


Arthritis is a condition that can affect all joints in the body, and the spine is no exception. Some forms of back pain are attributed to arthritis in the spine, which may be osteoarthritis or rheumatoid. Since there are multiple kinds of arthritis, it’s important to know what you’re working with. Regardless, chiropractic can provide relief. 

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Back pain isn’t always easy to manage, but with our chiropractors, you can eliminate some of the pain. Move forward to a happier life with the team at Motus Integrative Health. We recognize the impact a sore back has on your life, and we wish to heal the pain so you can make the most of each day. 


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