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Combining Ancient and Modern Medicine



doctor is administering dry needling on patient, for the best chiropractic care see a Lowell back pain doctor.Many people see medical “advancement” as a line: the more we learn and grow, the more advanced processes we have available to us. As the years go by, our medicine gets better and better because of leaps in technology and our understanding of the human body.

And this is true — to an extent.

However, this linear mindset can have consequences of its own. For instance, advancements in pain medication — powerful opioids used to mask discomfort — have helped contribute to overprescribing and the current addiction epidemic sweeping the nation. In some cases, looking back on effective medication used in the past can help us create more comprehensive plans for our bodies and our long-term health.

Old-School Remedies

Therapeutic massages have existed for thousands of years, with evidence that people in ancient China and Egypt practiced them. Today,  as in antiquity, massages are used to ease muscular soreness and help stimulate relaxation.

Both these methods continue to thrive within the field of modern chiropractic medicine. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. More than this, though, there are several clear advantages to this sort of medicine. First, they are tried and true in every sense of the word. People receive massages and dry needling therapy today, just as they did thousands of years ago. This enormous timespan gives us an ever-greater body of research backing the effectiveness of these healing methods. Beyond just that, these methods are widely natural and are generally free of the nasty side-effects that come with some modern medical treatment. Using ancient, holistic methods like these to treat your pain can avoid potentially-addictive medication or invasive surgical procedures common to the medical field.

Fusing the New and the Old

With all this said, we’ve made some significant advancements in medical technology and our understanding of the human body. There are certainly healing methods applied throughout ancient societies that we would never consider using today; methods which have been rejected by science and modern medicine. However, those methods which have stuck — including therapeutic massages– have done so for their positive effects on the body, demonstrated throughout the millennia.

Human health is a constant balancing act, and those who provide medicine have the tricky job of prescribing the methods which will be the most effective for ensuring their patients stay healthy, comfortable and happy. At Motus Integrative Health we believe that this balance is best established through the combination of medical advancement — using the potential of emerging technology to our advantage — with hands-on treatments with a demonstrated record of success over the long haul.

Thus, when you contact our office, you’ll find a vast range of treatment methods to help you remain healthy and pain-free. Unlike many “modern” medical providers, we choose not to ignore those methods that have worked for thousands of years, and use them alongside our high-tech medical testing and equipment. By working with both the old and the new, we can make sure you have a greater range of options available, and a healthier body as a result.

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