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The Motus Integrative Health team’s mission is to help patients work toward their own individual goals through a variety of service offerings. The team’s patient-focused approach ensures that each and every individual receives specialized treatment. Education is a key part of what we do as we want our patients to understand what the issue is, why it’s happening and what our patients can do about it to live full lives.

What We Offer At Our St. John Chiropractic Offices

Our crew can help with a mix of issues and conditions through non-invasive techniques and the latest tests. Information is powerful toward making the best decisions for your long-term health and wellness.

An example of what we provide:

Cardiometabolic testing: These blood tests delve deeper into your health markers, including inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolism. These advanced testing methods are an in-depth look at your health.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy: “Adjustments” can restore function and motion to inflamed joints and provide nervous system stimulation to relax musculature and reduce pain.

Dry needling: This technique can help individuals facing chronic pain. Myofascial trigger points are targeted with thin needles.

Hormone testing: Imbalances in hormones can cause such issues as mood swings and headaches. Through saliva or urine tests, our team can help determine your hormone levels. We can work with you on lifestyle adjustments or supplements.

Physical therapy: After your source of pain has been determined, physical therapy can help with the management of your symptoms. Exercise can help whether it’s low-impact aerobics, strengthening or pain-relief. Basic stretching can also assist with treatment.

What We Can Assist With During Your Visit To Our St. John Chiropractic Offices

Body pain can have a continuous negative impact on a person’s daily life. We strive to figure out what is causing your particular body pain. Our process includes a comprehensive look at your medical history and a thorough examination. We will ask many questions to delve into your pain and figure out a strategy to find out the source of the pain and come up with a treatment plan. This thorough, initial process may take up to one hour long.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is also a condition that we help patients manage. This can often be the diagnosis when other conditions have been ruled out by your medical practitioner. We can offer coaching and nutrition counseling to help.

Connect With A Doctor At Our St. John Chiropractic Offices

We are ready to discuss your issues during a free consultation. We have two convenient locations in Northwest Indiana to fit your needs. Visit us at 1425 Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville or call 219-322-6942. Visit us at 566 N. Indiana Avenue in Crown Point or call 219-213-2315. You can also fill out our online form. Meet our whole team at Motus who will be working with you.

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