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Schererville Back Pain Doctor

Schererville Back Pain Doctor

Everyone has to deal with back pain from time to time. Lifting something that is too heavy, falling, or simple growth pains can all contribute to the odd ache. However, these symptoms tend to clear up after a couple of hours or days, and you can get back to your regular life in no time. It is when your pain begins to plague you for long periods — or becomes so unbearably intense that you are no longer able to walk around or participate in your regular, active life that you need to turn to professional medical assistance. At Motus Integrative Health, our trained Schererville back doctor is happy to help you understand the root of your chronic or intense back pain and any courses of action that may bring you relief and healing. Call us today to learn more about our services.

What Can We do for You?

We offer an incredible range of services to ease all sort of pain here at Motus — our Schererville back pain doctor is only one member of our specialized and caring staff. However, given how many people suffer from back pain every year, our Schererville pain doctor makes sure they stay up-to-date on recent techniques and technology. Some of our most commonly performed procedures are chiropractic adjustments — which can restore function and reduce pain in many areas of the body. Your back is no exception; more often than not, your prolonged back pain results from daily stress and pressure placed on your vertebrae and the cartilage discs between them. An adjustment or another range-of-movement exercise can help shift your spinal pressure and relieve your pain. In other cases, one or more of your discs have slipped out of place — often called a slipped, protruding or herniated disc — and no longer cushions your vertebrae. Adjustments may help resolve your disc problem, offering immense and immediate pain relief.

Our Other Treatment Areas

While we offer full-service examinations and adjustments to help ease your back pain, Motus Integrative Health’s talented team of Schererville back doctors and medical professionals are happy to help with many other forms of pain relief and health improvement. Some of our other services include:

  • Cupping
  • Medical testing
  • Fitness improvement
  • Weight loss
  • Physical therapy

And so many more! Whatever pain or fitness problems you’re suffering with, we’d love to help you with our full-service clinic and our excellent team!

Contact Us

If you are interested in seeing how our chiropractic services can help reduce and relieve your back pain, give us a call today. You can reach our Northwest Indiana office by calling or by going on our website and leaving us a message. Speak to one of our medical specialists and schedule an initial examination with our Schererville back pain doctor so we can better assess how to relieve your pain as quickly as possible.

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