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Motus Integrative Health is committed to helping Northwest Indiana residents find ways to eliminate their pain. Your health is our priority, and we help you achieve your wellness goals with our Schererville chiropractors. Understanding what’s at the core of your health problems is a key part of treatment, so we do full health assessments and utilize natural procedures. Visit our offices today. 

Your Health Conditions, Treated in One Place

Here at Motus Integrated Health, we understand how one aspect of your health can impact the rest of your body. An injury can compromise your emotional well-being if you can no longer do activities you once loved. Chronic health conditions such as sciatica can cause debilitating pain that makes everyday tasks feel impossible. As such, we delve into the issue and find treatments that work for your individual needs. 

Patients come in with a wide range of painful conditions, and many of them have tried several treatments to no avail. It’s easy to feel defeated if pain medication doesn’t seem to work, or if you’re concerned about long-term consequences of its use. Fortunately, our chiropractic treatments are successful in reducing pain caused by:  

  • Back Pain. Everyone experiences a sore back once in a while, whether from poor posture or a mild injury. Back pain can be muscular in nature, or it can be a sign of a spinal issue. Regardless of its cause, back pain should be evaluated by our chiropractors, as our chiropractic treatments are highly effective.
  • Headaches. As one of the leading causes of pain and disability, headaches can range from mild to severe, particularly if it’s a migraine. Head pain can indicate a health condition or manifest on its own. Regular headaches can make completing work a challenge, so don’t wait to find a treatment that works. 
  • Neck Pain. There are many potential causes of neck pain, so be sure to get your symptoms checked out by our team. Usually, a stiff neck is the result of an improper sleeping position, whiplash or stress. 

We also treat hip pain, IBS, sciatica, shoulder pain and so much more. No matter what your health goals are, our team will help you achieve them. Actively working towards better health is easier with a knowledgeable chiropractor at your side. We act as your guide as you improve your lifestyle and find natural pain management methods. 

Chronic Pain is Never Easy: Our Schererville Chiropractors Are Here to Support You

Living with chronic pain makes every day a challenge. Treating yourself with the compassion and patience you deserve is paramount to your wellbeing. After all, the journey to better health can be long. Our team is here to guide you as you find pain relief methods that suit your unique needs. Chiropractic offers natural relief while promoting better mental, physical and emotional health, so you can receive full-body benefits that help you achieve a happier, healthier life. 

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Motus Integrative Health is your greatest ally as you manage chronic pain. Call our Schererville chiropractors now for an appointment.

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