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Back Pain Doctor in St John

Back Pain Doctor in St John

Your spine is a series of small interlocking vertebrae bones surrounding your spinal nerves, and cushioned by small cartilage ‘discs.’ Though it performs an essential function — relaying messages from your brain to the rest of your body (and vice versa), your spine has a flawed design and is responsible for most back pain we experience. First, it is curved and easily stressed by posture. Most humans sit for hours every day and leaning, or hunching can put modest daily stress on the vertebrae of your spine, resulting in regular aches. Likewise, the discs which are meant to cushion your vertebrae are prone to shifting and moving out of place, causing your vertebrae to grind and press on one another and your spinal nerves. Other external conditions — such as arthritis and muscular spasms — can also plague the spinal region of your back, resulting in long-term pain and intense agony. Contacting an experienced back pain doctor in St John when you become aware of back pain may help manage your symptoms and cure the conditions responsibly.

Back Pain Services

Our goal at Motus Integrative Health is to understand the causes of your back pain, form a plan of treatments to help mitigate and cure your worst symptoms, and help you adjust your lifestyle to avoid future problems.

Speak with Us

To begin, we develop an understanding of your pain by running an initial diagnostic exam. During this, you will tell us a bit about your past medical history and symptoms, as well as your current state and the pain you are experiencing. A patient’s personal and family medical history can be incredibly valuable when understanding their current situation; for instance, a patient might have a family history of early-onset arthritis, leading us to examine that possibility further.

Medical Testing

Our back pain doctor in St John is often able to determine a patient’s condition and the underlying causes by simply discussing their symptoms and medical history. However, in some cases, we need to embark on some testing, and our facility has the ability to order MRIs, X-Rays and other forms of precision medical testing which help us understand the mysteries of the human body.


Once we know the source of your pain, we will begin working with you to mitigate and treat your symptoms. We take each patient’s unique history, comfort levels, and medical factors into account so we can help you heal as fast and painlessly as possible. Our massive range of services helps us design a treatment plan uniquely fitted to each patient.

Moving Forward

Finally, once we have helped your body heal, we will discuss the causes of your pain, and how to prevent similar conditions in the future. You will receive advice from top back pain doctors in St John and will leave our facility with a comprehensive plan that works for you, whether that means weight loss or physical therapy.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing back pain, we may be able to help. Our back pain doctor in St John has left many patients happy and pain-free following our service. If you are interested, please give us a call or visit our website.  We look forward to seeing how we can help.

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