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Back Pain Doctor in Crown Point

Back Pain Doctor in Crown Point

There are plenty of different ways you can hurt your back. Whether you were lifting a log in your backyard or bending to pick something up off the ground, the pain can come suddenly, taking you unaware and keeping you off your feet for days on end. In other cases, chronic back pain — often from unknown sources — can last so long that it becomes part of your life and you struggle to remember when it showed up. Whichever of these pains you have experienced — whether your suffering is intense, long-lasting or both — getting in touch with a back pain doctor in Crown Point should always be your first step. The experienced chiropractic professionals at Motus Integrative Health can help relieve your pain the best way they know how: by treating the conditions which are causing it! Reach out to them today to learn more!

Chronic or Debilitating?

Most back pain falls into two broad groups — chronic or debilitating. Being able to identify which pain you are experiencing can go a long way in diagnosing your condition. Here are the differences:

Chronic pain persists for 12 weeks or longer (“chronic” meaning long-lasting). This pain may ebb or worsen over time, but it will be a constant presence in your life, and often requires regular medication and lifestyle changes to contend with. Conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as lingering effects from past injuries, result in chronic pain.

Debilitating pain is any pain which significantly impacts your ability to perform your regular daily activities. The intensity of this pain can affect your performance at work, and also prevent you from completing regular tasks at home. In the worst cases, this pain may keep you bedridden for extended periods of time. Debilitating pain can flare up when you have disc problems, muscle strains and sprains, and sciatica.

Whether you’re living with debilitating or chronic pain, the caring professionals at Motus Integrative Health are ready to lend a helping hand! Our treatments are comprehensive, noninvasive, and widely effective for treating either (or both) of these types of back pain. Talk to our back pain doctor in Crown Point today! We also have a location in Schererville, Indiana.

Our Many Treatments

When you step through the doors of Motus Integrative Health, you’ll find a wide range of different pain control techniques, equipment, and testing. After all, personalized care is a significant pillar of chiropractic medicine, and we like to make sure we have the perfect care regimen for all of our patients. Here are a few options we have available:

  • Chiropractic care (adults and pediatric)
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Hormone testing
  • Dry needling
  • Medical weight loss

When diagnosing and treating your condition, we usually spend your first appointment getting to know you. We’ll begin by speaking to you about the location and nature of your pain, and combine your observations with a full profile of your current health and your medical history. We may use a variety of different tests to diagnose your condition accurately. Once we know what’s going on, our back pain doctor in Crown Point can begin alleviating your pain and get you one step closer to long-term health!

Call us Today!

To learn more about our treatment options, or to schedule your very first meeting with the chiropractic professionals at Motus Integrative Health, give us a call today! You can speak with us at our Crown Point or Schererville offices during working hours, or you can reach out to our back pain doctor in Crown Point using our online contact form.

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