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NWI Back Pain Doctor

NWI Back Pain Doctor

Back pain is one of the most common—and most annoying—forms of pain that people deal with. You might feel frustrated with your back pain. Not only does it make you constantly uncomfortable, but it can be hard to find the source, so you aren’t sure why you’re even experiencing the pain. Your first step is to talk with a doctor who will determine what is exaggerating your condition. Discuss your symptoms with an NWI back pain doctor at Motus Integrative Health today!

NWI Back Pain Doctor Treats Sciatica

There are many painful conditions that plague our lower backs. From sports injuries to sciatica, your back may be hurting for a variety of reasons. No matter what condition you are dealing with, our chiropractors can help you feel better. We treat many causes of back pain through natural pain relief. At Motus Integrative Health, you can try:

  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care 
  • Dry needling
  • Massage

Usually, these treatments work best when used together, since each comes with its own benefits. One of our back pain doctors will help you create a treatment plan that works optimally for your specific needs.   

Other Causes of Back Pain 

Sometimes, back pain develops slowly. You might not realize you’re in pain until it grows severe. Here are a few reasons your back pain may take some time to worsen:

  • Sports injury. If you’re an athlete, chances are you have been hurt while playing. Slips, falls, and more are very common when you’re in the middle of a fast-paced game. Sometimes, the initial pain goes away quickly, so you think you are fine. However, you should always get your injuries checked out by a doctor, even if they are not causing any significant pain. These injuries can cause major complications down the line. Visit a chiropractor before you have a huge issue on your hands. 
  • Poor posture. We all do it: whether you slouch in your chair or have a habit of laying on your stomach, you probably have a choice sitting position that is less-than-ideal for your spinal health. Poor posture truly wreaks havoc on your spine. Sitting crookedly leaves your core weak, and your spine bent in a bad position for hours on end. Make an effort to sit up straight. Imagine there is a string at the top of your head pulling you up, so you are less likely to lean forward in your chair. 
  • Inactivity. When you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles become weaker, and your blood pressure rises, among many other complications. If you’re facing chronic pain, the idea of getting up and moving around may seem daunting. However, physical activity has so many benefits, such as reducing your chances of back pain. You may experience some discomfort at first, but it will help immensely in the long run. Every bit helps: even if it’s a short walk or some stretches, you’ll notice a difference. 

Discuss Your Treatment Options Today

Don’t let back pain stop you from enjoying your life. Motus Integrative Health has many safe and effective treatments so you can return to being active. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with an NWI back pain doctor!   

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