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Best Northwest Indiana Back Pain Doctor

Best Northwest Indiana Back Pain Doctor

If your back hurts, several reasons could be responsible. After all, your back is a slab of muscles, bones, tendons and nerves, all attempting to work together in perfect harmony to protect your spine and offer you excellent mobility. A problem with any of these systems — in any part of your back — can result in pain, numbness or tingling, both in your back and elsewhere! To help relieve your worst symptoms, contact the best Northwest Indiana back pain doctor at Motus Integrative Health today! Not only can our doctor get you back on your feet through our low-intensity, holistic methods, but he can also help treat the underlying condition that caused your pain in the first place.

What is Causing My Pain?

As mentioned above, there are innumerable problems that can occur throughout your back, especially since many of your back’s systems work in combination with one another. And while the list of potential issues is long, we do notice a few conditions which are more common than others. These include:

  • Disc problems – your spine is protected by flexible vertebrae bones, which are themselves cushioned by small, touch cartilage discs. When one of these discs wears down, it loses its form and can press on the spine, resulting in terrible pain, tingling or numbness.
  • Muscular problems – Muscle soreness can occur in most areas of the body, and the back is no different. Lifting a heavy object or falling — not to mention maintaining a consistently poor posture — can all contribute to long-term muscle soreness.
  • Sciatica – Your sciatic nerve — the longest in your body — runs from the base of your back, down through the back of your leg. When it is pinched or damaged, pain may radiate all over that path, often manifesting in severe back pain.

Our Back Pain Treatment Options

While pain relief is the first goal we set, the eventual goal is always to promote our patients’ health and wellness in the long term. For that reason, our best Northwest Indiana back pain doctor has developed an approach to health that is at once both hands-on and high-tech. From technology that was created and approved recently, to ancient methods that have provided relief for thousands of years, we explore the best options available to our patients. Here are a few of our best methods for treating back pain:

  • Chiropractic care – The “backbone” of chiropractic medicine since its inception, adjustments have been helping patients realign their sines for over 100 years! Many experience immediate relief, as well as long-term improvements in posture and prevention of future back pain.
  • Massage – This method is used in chiropractic offices and spas around the world – and has been for several thousand years! The calming nature of human touch — and the targeted manipulation of key stress points — work together to reduce stress and soreness in the back, shoulders and neck.
  • Physical therapy – in some cases, a lingering injury causes long-term pain and stiffness in your back. When this occurs, targeted exercises and attention to this area can help speed the patient’s recovery and minimize their long-term pain.

Get in Touch!

To begin receiving our excellent pain relief treatments, reach out to the best Northwest Indiana back pain doctor at Motus Integrative Health today! Our methods are proven and our staff is well-trained in the back pain field. You can get in touch by calling our NWI office, or by leaving us a message on our site today!

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