Northwest Indiana Chiropractor

Northwest Indiana Chiropractor

At Motus Integrative Health our Northwest Indiana Chiropractors provide evidence-based, conservative hands-on treatment.  A Chiropractor, or Doctor of Chiropractic, is a health care professional trained in diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  Our Northwest Indiana Chiropractors have received education in a great number of areas including but not limited to diagnosis, pathology, imaging, neurological, muscular, skeletal, rehabilitation and more.  Our providers are often the first choice for people suffering from any type of body ache or pain, be it in your neck or your foot.

Our Northwest Indiana Chiropractors perform a detailed history and physical exam process that may last up to 1 hour.  We ask may questions during the history about you, what you do, how you move, what you eat and anything else that we think is relevant to helping you get better.  During the exam, we evaluate your posture, the way you move your body, how you walk with gait analysis and the way you breathe.  After that, we add any additional orthopedic or functional tests we may need to further figure out your problem.

We then sit down and discuss with you what we think is creating your pain and what we can do about it.  Our team approach to your care ensures that we work with you and any other providers you need to get the best care for you. At Motus Integrative Health we also offer in-house Nurse Practitioners and a Physical Therapist.  Our Chiropractors also have the ability to refer out for any other needs such as X-rays or MRI’s, lab work or a specialist consultation such as that with a surgeon.

Our Northwest Indiana Chiropractors at Motus Integrative Health work with you as a team to rid your body of pain quickly and efficiently.  We utilize any and all tools to get the job done.  Our mission at Motus Integrative Health is to get you pain-free as quickly as possible and then keep you that way!

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