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Neck Pain Treatment Near Schererville

Are you tired of dealing with a sore neck? You aren’t alone. Neck pain is one of the most common health conditions affecting millions of people every year. There are many potential causes, and as a result, you need to visit an expert to solve the problem. Motus Integrative Health recognizes how difficult it can be to find a pain management method that works. Many of our patients come to us having “tried everything,” only to find relief through our chiropractic services. Our neck pain treatment near Schererville improves every aspect of your health, as we believe a multifaceted approach is key to feeling your very best.

Reasons You May Have Neck Pain

When that familiar dull ache begins, you know you’re in for an uncomfortable experience. Neck pain often occurs alongside other symptoms, such as weakness, muscle spasms and reduced mobility. Some report headaches or shoulder pain as well. Regardless of the exact nature of your condition, it’s important to know what’s causing your neck pain, as this aids in finding an effective treatment. 

The most common causes of neck pain include: 

  • Strained Muscles. The muscles that make up our neck can easily be strained by hours spent on the computer or hunched over a smartphone. Muscle strains can be very painful to deal with, and while most cases resolve with rest, the pain may last longer than expected. 
  • Arthritis. Joints in the neck can become worn down with age, or by chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. This may lead to pain that resonates through the neck and reduced mobility. 
  • Compressed Nerves. Conditions such as a herniated disc can compress nearby nerves, resulting in significant pain. 
  • Injuries. The neck is very delicate, as it is responsible for supporting the head. As a result, rapid back and forth movements in an accident or similar incident can lead to whiplash. 
  • Illnesses. Certain chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer, may cause neck soreness. 

Why Chiropractic Works for Neck Pain

If you’ve been struggling with neck pain for a while, remember that there are plenty of effective solutions available. Motus Integrative Health provides natural treatments for pain that work for your individual case. Everyone is different, and that’s true for chronic pain as well. What is effective for you may not work on another patient, so we begin with a thorough health analysis. We’ll examine your current health and discuss past illnesses and injuries to determine what triggered your neck pain. Then, we’ll schedule you for weekly chiropractic adjustments, which help to alleviate stiffness, reduce inflammation and improve mobility. 

Chiropractic is very effective for neck pain because it’s efficient at relieving the core causes of pain, which is often related to increased levels of inflammation. There are many mental health benefits as well, and stress is known to cause tension through the neck. Holistic treatments are often successful because they don’t cause additional side effects on top of the discomfort you’re already experiencing, so you can focus on boosting your physical and mental health. 

Call to Begin Neck Pain Treatment Near Schererville

If you’re ready to solve your neck pain for good, call Motus Integrative Health to begin neck pain treatment near Schererville. 

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