Neck Pain Doctor in Hobart

Neck Pain Doctor in Hobart

Neck Pain Doctor in Hobart

A pain in your neck refers to something that is overly inconvenient and irritating. There is a profound truth to this statement: pain in your neck is a real pain in your neck! Part of the reason why neck pain is so prevalent — and irritating — is because of the nature of the human neck. Humans walk upright, which gives us certain advantages over other animals: we have excellent visibility, and can see further than most other creatures without wings. Our neck allows us to swivel our heads around, letting us know what is coming from every direction besides what is directly behind us. However, the flexibility of our necks comes at a cost. To allow us to turn our necks so effectively (from side to side and up and down), we rely on the flexible vertebrae bones and a web of powerful muscles and tendons. Many common conditions arise from the regular use of our necks, requiring the care of a neck pain doctor in Hobart. When something goes wrong, it can severely impact your ability to function, and restoring functionality should be your first priority.

Neck Problems

Of the many problems that can occur within your neck, most of our patients fall into one of several categories. These include:

  • Disc problems – the flexible “discs” cushioning your vertebrae throughout your neck and back tend to wear down with age, compressing or cracking. The result can be terrible nerve pain, numbness or tingling if they make contact with your spinal cord.
  • Nerve problems – your vertebrae house your spinal cord — a bundle of nerves that branch off throughout your body. The exposed nerves scattered throughout your neck or those housed in your spine can cause debilitating or chronic pain if irritated, compressed or damaged.
  • Joint problems – these cover anything from arthritis (inflammation of the joints) to bone spurs. Damage to the many joints within your neck’s vertebrae can cause terrible pain if left untreated.
  • Muscle problems – your neck’s flexibility and function depend on a system of strong muscles. When these become sore or strained, merely moving your head can result in terrible pain.

If you live in NWI and are suffering from any of these broad conditions, a neck pain doctor in Hobart can help. Get in touch with us today!

What You Can Expect from our Hobart Neck Pain Doctor

Before you first step through the doors of Motus Integrative Health, there are a few things you should know about us. We view each of our patients as an individual, with their own specific needs, comfort levels and optimal paths to continued health. From that philosophy, we have stocked our chiropractic facilities — located in Schererville and Crown Point — with state-of-the-art technology and excellent staff. Not only will you have the best care our field can provide, but you will also have the methods that suit your individual wants and needs.

Get in Touch!

At Motus, we are proud to have the premier neck pain doctor in Hobart, and a huge staff and advanced medical facility to back them up! Our methods are noninvasive, tailored to each patient, and aimed at returning your body to its normal functionality. Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment!

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