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Neck Pain Doctor Near Dyer

If you’ve ever experienced ongoing neck pain, you have first-hand experience with how debilitating this condition can be. People facing daily neck pain struggle to do the things they love and sometimes cannot function like they used to. Fortunately, you can reclaim your health—and your life—with the help of a neck pain specialist. At Motus Integrative Health, our pain doctors carefully devise treatment plans so our patients heal as fast as possible. Visit our neck pain doctor near Dyer today!

Homer Glen Neck Pain Doctor Treats Herniated Discs

Neck pain is sometimes difficult to diagnose because it can be caused by many different conditions. For instance, neck pain might develop from a degenerative disease, or through injury. Since there is so much variation in the cause of neck pain, your doctor will need to learn about your medical history and any past injuries.

For some individuals, the cause of their neck pain is uncertain, such as in the case of a herniated or bulging disc. A herniated disc does not usually cause symptoms at first, leaving the condition unnoticed for years. Eventually, as it becomes painful, the individual may not know what is causing their pain until they get it checked out. If you suspect your neck pain is caused by a herniated disc, call Motus Integrative Health right away. Our doctors will create a treatment plan that works best for your needs. 

Remedies for neck Pain

Regardless of whether your pain is manageable or severe, neck pain is indisputably unpleasant. You want to stop the pain as soon as possible, so you search for a competent doctor who can diagnose you and help you feel better quickly. Sadly, many doctors do nothing more than prescribe you medication or suggest surgery. While these options may work for some patients, many individuals are searching for a more natural approach to pain relief. 

Motus Integrative Health offers holistic, noninvasive remedies for your neck pain. Once we determine what’s aggravating your neck pain, we can help create a treatment plan that reduces your pain. Our pain control center features many services that help relieve neck pain. Some of our services include:

  • Cupping 
  • Chiropractic 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Medical weight control

Usually, combining several of our treatments is the most effective way to reduce neck pain. For instance, you might find that physical therapy helps your immediate pain while losing weight helps prevent future neck pain. In many cases, it may take a bit of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. Everyone is different, so our doctors will give you advice based on what is causing your neck pain. Discuss your needs with our doctors to see what options would work best for you. 

Talk to a Neck Pain Doctor Near Dyer

If you’re tired of dealing with chronic neck pain, it’s time to talk to a neck pain doctor near Dyer to find a solution. At Motus Integrative Health, you can discuss your options with one of our pain specialists and see what treatments are right for you. Get started by calling our pain control center today!

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