Neck Pain Doctor Near Cedar Lake

Neck Pain Doctor Near Cedar Lake

Neck Pain Doctor Near Cedar Lake

Motus Integrative Health is dedicated to providing clients with natural pain relief. Our pain doctors have worked with patients on all types of chronic pain. Unlike the treatments you receive at your general practitioner or your local care center, we will not prescribe you medicine or suggest you need surgery. We employ natural pain relief methods to improve your mobility and lower your pain. When you’re ready to say goodbye to chronic pain, schedule an appointment with a neck pain doctor near Cedar Lake today. 

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Since there are countless causes, it can be difficult to pin down the exact reason for your neck pain. You may have strained your neck muscles while sitting at a computer or from sleeping in an awkward position. In some cases, the cause is obvious, such as in the instance of car accidents, sports or whiplash. Regardless, it’s important to get your neck pain checked out by a pain doctor as soon as possible. Ignoring your pain can prolong pain and develop other problems down the road.  

Neck Pain Doctor Near Cedar Lake Provides Physical Therapy

Neck pain truly is a pain in the neck! For many, neck pain reduces mobility and can even lead to headaches and shoulder pain. Before your pain gets to that point, speak with one of our pain doctors. We can suggest all kinds of holistic pain treatments, such as:

  • Physical therapy. Neck pain is often successfully treated through physical therapy. Here’s how it works: with the help of a pain doctor, you will do a variety of stretches and exercises that target your neck. These exercises vary in intensity depending on how severe your pain is. You may do low-aerobic exercises or ones that strengthen your muscles. Over time, you will find that your neck is far less tense and that your pain is mostly or completely gone.  
  • Chiropractic care. One of the best treatments for chronic neck pain, chiropractic care treats it from its core. Some cases of neck pain are due to spinal problems from poor posture, injury to the spine and more. Regardless of the cause, chiropractic care works by realigning your spine and promoting spinal healing. Indirectly, this leads to neck pain relief. After all, your neck is a part of the spine. 
  • Other treatments. In addition to major forms of care like physical therapy and chiropractic care, we offer a range of holistic pain treatments! Try dry cupping for sports injuries to relieve lower back pain. Discuss your options with one of our doctors: all of our treatments are safe and free of side effects, so you have nothing to lose.  

Note that these treatments are often used in coordination with each other. Every patient’s pain treatment plan looks different, but usually, it involves a combination of treatments for the highest effectiveness. 

Contact a Neck Pain Doctor Near Cedar Lake Today

Motus Integrative Health is happy to help you overcome your chronic pain. Schedule an appointment with a neck pain doctor near Cedar Lake today to discuss your questions and concerns. We’ll get started and create an individualized treatment plan so you can overcome your chronic pain as soon as possible.

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