Munster Back Pain Doctor

Munster Back Pain Doctor

Munster Back Pain Doctor

Your back is the largest continuous region of your body, and it contains many important systems. First and foremost, your back houses the majority of your spine. Within the interlocked vertebrae bones sits a cord of nerves which determines all of your body’s feelings, from pain to pleasure. Nerves branch out from your spine, reaching all corners of your body and providing you with the full sensory experience. When the breeze cools your skin — that feeling comes when the information relayed by your nerves reaches your brain. When you twist your ankle at work, nerves in that area are telling your brain that something is wrong, resulting in pain. Your brain is constantly interpreting the information your nerves feed it, and all this information funnels up the pipeline of your spine. Your vertebrae, as well as a network of tight muscles that also give you flexibility and movement throughout your back, protect these nerves. However, things occasionally go wrong, causing pain to be communicated repeatedly to your brain. When this happens, a Munster back pain doctor may be your best choice.

What Can Cause Back Pain

With all the muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments and other systems running throughout your back, many small factors can contribute to pain. If you lift something that is too heavy, you may feel muscle soreness the next day. As your body changes with age, certain pains are unavoidable, but can be treated with holistic remedies to minimize your pain. When it comes to your back, most pain is fleeting. However, when your pain lasts more than a few days, or begins to impact your lifestyle with its intensity, it may be time to contact a Munster back pain doctor. Chronic or acute pain could be the result of several different conditions, many of which will not heal without some form of medical intervention. A few of these are:

  • Herniated, bulging disc – the cartilage discs between each of your vertebrae often break down over time, cracking or compressing. You’ll often feel intense pain in any part of your spine, or numbness and tingling, depending on what pressure the disc is exerting on your spine.
  • Sciatica – your sciatic nerve is a huge strand that runs from your lower back all the way down the back of your leg. If you feel a sharp pain — or numbness and tingling — radiating in any areas along this line, it may be the result of this nerve being pinched or irritated.
  • Arthritis/joint inflammation – arthritis, or the inflammation of your joints, can impact your spinal joints as well, causing intolerable back pain. A Munster back pain doctor may be able to use chiropractic care to alleviate this pain.

Contact our Munster Back Pain Doctor

Given the complexity of your back, these are but a few of the many conditions which may bother this part of your body. Give us a call at our Schererville or Crown point locations, or go online and describe your pain to see how we can help. Our Munster back pain doctor has been practicing chiropractic corrections and other holistic remedies for many years!

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