Munster Neck Pain Doctor

Munster Neck Pain Doctor

Munster Neck Pain Doctor

When you’re experiencing neck pain, you may wonder what has caused it. Sometimes, you may develop neck pain after a car crash or an accident. In other cases, it can be hard to identify the cause of your pain. Regardless, a Munster neck pain doctor at Motus Integrative Health can help you feel better. Our chronic pain management doctors are experts when it comes to pain originating in specific locations on your body like neck, hip and knee pain. Chronic pain must be carefully treated to prevent long term adverse effects. When you’re facing neck pain or other conditions that negatively impact your health, schedule an appointment with our neck pain relief doctors today!

Munster Neck Pain Doctor Offers Physical Therapy

Neck pain is a common condition that has many possible causes. A pain relief doctor can identify the exact cause of your pain and address this source in physical therapy. With the help of a physician, you will do various stretches or exercises that target your neck. This treatment is effective against neck pain because it allows your neck muscles to relax, which reduces stiffness and promotes flexibility. Many patients see improvement after a few sessions, so this is an option you should consider.

Beyond physical therapy, the pain management physicians at Motus Integrative Health can perform a variety of procedures for chronic pain. We also offer chiropractic care, cupping, active release techniques and more. To learn more about what types of healing services we provide, please give us a call today. 

Munster Neck Pain Doctor with Noninvasive Treatments

At Motus Integrative Health, we believe that pain relief should not compromise your health. From surgeries to medications, so many health treatments rely on altering your body’s internal state, causing unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects. Our treatments are different: we approach chronic pain as something that can be treated from the outside in. That’s why you’ll immediately see how our treatments revolve around strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities. 

For instance, you can try nutritional counseling. Food might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to pain relief. However, food truly has a tremendous effect on the way you feel. Your physical health relies on the nutrients you consume, which is why a healthy diet is a crucial part of having a healthy body. If you feel that your diet could be improved, a nutritional counselor can guide you to healthier eating. 

Dry needling is another great option. A pain management doctor will inject tiny needles into your muscles’ trigger points, which release any level of tension in them. While similar to acupuncture, this method focuses on relaxing your muscles rather than helping your body’s natural energy.

Whether you’re facing neck pain, back pain or pain from an injury, these noninvasive treatments are very effective! Our pain management doctors know how to use holistic treatments to improve your health. 

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If you are ready to try natural chronic pain treatments, the team at Motus Integrative Health is happy to help. Our chronic pain treatment specialists will work alongside you so that you can best manage your pain. Schedule an appointment with a Munster neck pain doctor by contacting us today!

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