Munster Chiropractors

Munster Chiropractors

Here at Motus Integrative Health, our team consists of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Nurse Practitioners that all work together to determine what is causing your pain. Our Chiropractors, or Doctor of Chiropractic Physicians, use a conservative hands-on treatment to decrease pain and allow for better movement in the joints. Chiropractors in Munster at Motus Integrative Health focus on the prevention and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders and the misalignment of joints.

During your first Chiropractic visit, we will conduct an initial exam that goes over medical history and a thorough exam of your physical attributions. During the physical exam, we will examine your posture and test things like range of motion, functional movements, and discuss your painful symptoms. We may also ask about current food intakes, responsibilities at work, current exercise plan and family history. Following the initial exam, we may add orthopedic and functional tests to assist in the diagnosing of the cause of your pain.

The results of the initial exam will allow our Chiropractors to create a care plan that will help resolve your pain. We will sit down with you and discuss with you what we think is creating your pain. All of our staff works together to come up with the best treatment option for you and get you treated as quickly as possible. We may add functional exercises to do at home or even diet changes to help decrease recovery time. Here at Motus Integrative Health we also offer in-house Physical Therapist’s and Nurse Practitioner’s that can help assist in the diagnosis of your pain and care plan. Our Chiropractors also have the authority to order X-rays, MRI’s and any other lab work needed to help further investigate your symptoms.

Our Munster Chiropractors here at Motus Integrative Health will take the time and utilize every tool available to reduce your pain and symptoms. Our goal here is to relieve pain as soon as possible and have you feeling the best you have in years!

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