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Merrillville Neck Pain Doctor

Neck pain is never a pleasant feeling. A stiff neck limits your ability to turn your head, causing great discomfort when performing everyday activities. If your neck pain just won’t seem to go away, you should seek professional help. Motus Integrative Health provides innovative treatments for those who have developed chronic pain. A Merrillville neck pain doctor at our office can identify the cause of your neck pain and give you the treatment that you need. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are many lifestyle choices and health conditions that contribute to neck pain. For instance, people who are inactive and spend a lot of time sitting are at a higher risk for neck pain. When you exercise, you get to stretch out those muscles and release tension in them. Sitting all day can increase your neck pain since you may be sitting in an uncomfortable position. You eventually strain those muscles, resulting in long term pain. 

Other factors, such as stress, also cause neck pain. When you are stressed, you subconsciously tense your muscles. Chronic stress means your muscles are constantly in this tense state, and over time, this contributes to higher pain levels. In other cases, it may be an injury, such as whiplash, that is causing your pain. Regardless of how your pain started, a chiropractor can help alleviate it. 

What to Look for in a Merrillville Neck Pain Doctor

Once you’ve decided that you need to address your neck pain, your next step is to find a doctor. However, this isn’t always easy. Individuals who are in pain may feel vulnerable and want a physician who approaches them with compassion. At Motus Integrative Health, our physicians prioritize your wellbeing. We want you to feel comfortable at our office, so we always listen closely to your concerns. Here’s why you should rely on our doctors to help you overcome your pain:

  • Plenty of Treatment Options Available. Our physicians are trained in various areas of pain management. Each of our staff members specializes in one or more of our treatments, meaning you get dedicated, experienced help. Furthermore, since our doctors all bring unique skills to the table, we are able to help you by offering a number of different pain treatments. We’ll help you find something that works best. 
  • Empathetic Doctors. When you have daily pain, it takes a toll on your life. You may no longer do the activities you enjoy, or feel like you are confined to your bed. Our doctors recognize how pain management isn’t just controlling the pain: it’s helping you regain your ability to live your life the way you want. We are here for you, both in the good and the bad times. 
  • Practical Solutions to Pain. We believe that pain management should be affordable and straightforward. Our holistic approach lets you take hold of your life without the added costs and side effects of medication.  

Visit Motus Integrative Health

If you’re ready to visit a Merrillville neck pain doctor, call Motus Integrative Health! We look forward to helping you along your path to a happier, pain-free life. 

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