Hobart Chiropractor

Hobart Chiropractor

Hobart Chiropractor

Motus Integrative Health provides the leading nonsurgical treatments for chronic pain! A Hobart chiropractor at our clinic can help you quickly relieve your back, knee and neck pain. Our chronic pain management physicians aren’t just experts at pain relief: we have physicians who specialize in different practice areas who can help you manage issues related to nutrition, wellness, pregnancy and more. No matter what type of ailment you are dealing with, our holistic treatments are beneficial to your well being. If you would rather choose natural pain relief over medication and surgery, give us a call and schedule an appointment!

Hobart Chiropractor Treats Migraines, Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care has so many uses and treats many different conditions. Before choosing chiropractic care, however, you should have an idea of what to expect. Every patient’s goals will look different, but in general, the goals of receiving chiropractic care are the same: to restore the motion of your joints and to reduce inflammation. 

During your sessions, your chiropractor will apply pressure to your joints, causing that area of your body to relax. This technique can be used all over the body, including the neck, shoulders and back. Not only is chiropractic care targeting the neck helpful for chronic pain, but it is effective against migraines. When a chiropractor focuses on relaxing your neck muscles, it releases the tension that may be resonating to your head and triggering migraines. That means that our chronic pain doctors can help you naturally manage your migraines! 

Furthermore, chiropractic care is an excellent defense against conditions that cause chronic pain. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and IBS are only a few of the many pain causing conditions that a chiropractor can help relieve. While this form of treatment does not cure these conditions, chiropractic care is an effective form of pain management and will improve your overall well being. 

Hobart Chiropractor Specializes in Back Pain Treatment 

Have you been struggling to get chores done, or has even walking become painful? If back pain has been slowing you down, you may need to see a chronic pain specialist at Motus Integrative Health. Our doctors have plenty of experience helping patients with all causes of back pain. Once we determine the cause of your back pain at a physical evaluation, we will make a treatment plan for you that may include chiropractic care. 

Chiropractic care can be very helpful in reducing back pain. A back pain treatment specialist will use chiropractic manipulative therapy to straighten and relax your spine. This minimizes the pain along your back and particularly works against lower back pain. Also, chiropractic care involves strengthening your spine as well. When the surrounding muscles are strengthened, you will have more support in that area, which lessens the stress on your spine. 

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If you’re ready to meet with a Hobart chiropractor to treat your chronic pain, give us a call! We are glad to work with you and help you move forward to a pain-free life. Contact Motus Integrative Health today.   

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