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Find Your Personal Plan To Better Well-Being At Our Hobart Chiropractic Offices

You are like no one else and that is how we approach your strategy to better health. We utilize a range of testing methods to determine possible causes of your particular symptoms and pain. We sit down with you for a personal consultation to work through what you are facing as a first step toward feeling your best through a tailored strategy. You will find a range of experts are part of our team including chiropractic physicians, nurse practitioners, a physical therapist, massage therapists, and a personal trainer to assist with your plan toward better health and wellness.

Comprehensive Services At Our Hobart Chiropractic Offices

Because every patient needs a unique approach, we have many techniques and offerings to select from when we create the best strategy for your better health. We can help with a variety of conditions from body pain and bulging discs to sciatica and irritable bowel syndrome.

Complex Electrical Muscle Stimulator: As part of a treatment plan, EMS stimulates an area with electric frequency patterns.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy: A longstanding alternative to medicine and surgery, this technique can restore function and motion to an inflamed and painful joint. An adjustment can help stimulate the nervous system and help patients with migraines, carpal tunnel or back pain.

Kinesiology tape: RockTape can assist with improving sports performance and treating injuries by lifting the skin away from painful muscle and fascia areas.

Medical weight control: Many factors can influence eating habits and affect our food choices. Our team understands these landmines that can leave us in an unhealthy state. We strive to work on managing energy and awareness through positive motivators instead of fear-based factors.

Hormone testing: An imbalance in hormones can cause a variety of symptoms, such as moodiness or headaches. Testing for imbalances can lead to lifestyle changes or a supplement plan to help keep your hormones in check.

From A Conversation To A Personal Plan At Our Hobart Chiropractic Offices

We will start with an in-depth conversation during your free consultation that can last up to an hour in order for us to truly understand the issues that you are facing day to day. Our mission is for you to live your healthiest and best life. We slow down and work with you on your own personal plan. We will educate you on what is behind your symptoms and go over treatment options. We feel we have to work as a team in order to really make an impact on your life.

Finding Your Best Self At Our Hobart Chiropractic Offices

You will find us at two convenient spots in the Northwest Indiana region. Meet our team members at 1425 Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville or call 219-322-6942. Also, visit us at 566 North Indiana Avenue in Crown Point or call 219-213-2315. You can also fill out our online form.

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